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White BlackBerry Passport Officially Confirmed by Blackberry With Picture

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blackberry passport

White BlackBerry Passport With Official Picture

blackberry passport

Just yesterday blacberry passport was caught on photo by one of our correspondent…………

Donny @BlackBerry stepped in an decided to set the record straight with another real white BlackBerry Passport picture. We have heard from a few people who have used the device and they are loving the feel in your hand. Donny decided to also share some thoughts with the designers of the BlackBerry Passport (Brian Paschke and Joseph Hofer). Check out what they had to say below:

  • Q: What are some of your design philosophies informing the white Passport?

  • Paschke: Our team chose this exact shade of white to work with the warmth of the unique, stainless steel frame. The color is custom to BlackBerry.
  • Hofer: On a detail level, the white color has been further tuned for each individual part and material in order to create overall color harmony.
  • Q: What inspired the look, feel and materials of the white Passport?

  • Paschke: The rear cover uses a ‘porcelain feel’ coating that is smooth to the touch while providing grip and complementing the soft touch coating used on the black Passport. So they work as a family.
  • Hofer: In fact, all of the surfaces for both the black and white Passport have been gently softened for comfort while maintaining a modern look. The finish along with the smooth shaping creates a refined experience.
  • Q: Tell me what makes the Passport so special to you in general?

  • Paschke: The Passport leverages our strengths and heritage, yet is new and innovative. As the name implies … the format is inspired by a traveler’s passport; a familiar and universal symbol of mobility. This familiarity has potential to leverage existing systems and standards.
  • Hofer: Though the layout may be unique, the experience of using Passport will feel familiar to many.
  • *Bonus
  • Q: As Editor of Inside BlackBerry, may I have one in white?

  • Paschke: No, no you may not.

So what do you think?

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