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What Business to Start in 2017



What Business to Start in 2017

Starting a new business isn’t easy and there are a lot of balls to juggle. However, before you start thinking about finance or employees you need to make sure that you’ve found a niche in which your business could grow and sustain itself.

The only way to do this is to investigate the market and the competitors and to find out what needs do customers have that are not being met by any other local business. If you do this right, you’re going to be able to dominate the market even if you don’t have enough resources at first.

A restaurantA restaurant

This may not sound like a very innovative business idea – there are restaurants all over and the competition is going to be tough. It is, but all you need to do is to find a twist to put on an ordinary restaurant business and you’ll be putting yourself ahead of the pack.

Globalization has allowed us to find and buy foreign food easily and relatively inexpensively. This means that the restaurants that put an Asian twist on homemade cooking are much easier to set up than before and they are still novel enough to attract customers.

Green business consultant

Large businesses need to change their ways fast if they want to stay competitive. The first thing that needs an update is becoming an eco-friendly business. This is a good marketing strategy and it could also save a lot of money on energy and waste.

However, implementing the green strategy takes skill and familiarity with both the business side of things and the green side. Consulting companies that help facilitate this change can earn a lot of money if they are able to find clients and provide good advice.

Indoor playgroundIndoor playground

An indoor playground business could be a very lucrative idea and it doesn’t take a lot of money to start it. The key thing about this idea is to investigate the market before you get into it. Find out if the area already has such a playground and if it does, what are the main complaints about it.

The biggest expense of starting a playground is going to be the equipment needed to set it up. For instance, an indoor trampoline park is a very popular option right now and when you set one up, you’re practically ready to open the door.

Tax preparation and bookkeeping

Taxes are complicated and for a small business (especially if it’s run by someone with no business experience) it could be a waste of valuable time to do them. That’s why a lot of small business owners are deciding to hire a professional for bookkeeping services and focusing on actual work.

It’s a fairly easy business to start – all you need is an intimate knowledge of the tax code and a presentable office to impress your clients. When you got that figured out – you’ll probably get recommendations from existing clients and get the ball rolling.

Warehouse businessWarehouse business

Small and medium businesses need to store their products and keep track of their stock. This could be too expensive for a business that’s just getting started and there’s no guarantee that the business will survive the first year. Renting warehouse space is the easiest solution and a good way to make money for people doing the renting.

It’s important to offer more services than just storage space. Security measures should be put in place as well as the ability to keep track and order more merchandise in a simple and safe way.

Starting a new business can be an exciting and invigorating experience. However, don’t go into it underprepared – think about your competitors and about the needs of your potential customers and you’ll find the right one.

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