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6 Epic Ways We Misuse Mobile Technology

Segun Balogun



Technology is the application of scientific knowledge to solve practical problem. I personally describe Mobile technology as technology that is portable, which include the use of laptop, tablets, smart phones, global positioning system (GPS) devices
wireless debit/credit card payment terminals and netbook computers.
Mobile technology have been misuse by students all over the world, For example “Everyone knows the reality of night mobile packages in Nigeria, Pakistan and other countries . There is a trend developed among young generation to talk with opposite gender (boyfriends/girlfriends) via night packages, which was obviously developed by cellular companies. In today’s articles i am going to explain 6 ways we are currently misusing mobile technology in the world.

1.Undated Social News

Facebook is the no 1 social media site in the world. facebook help to met new friends , reunite families, reconnect the adopted with their biological parent(s), help you find stolen cars and gadgets, and even missing children or pets. The social site itself allows you to easily share and spread the news, but it is up to us to keep tabs on developing updates.
Ways We Misuse Mobile Technology

it is good that Facebook helps to find missing children but I have come across plenty of missing child Facebook pleas shared on my news feed, only to find out that in many cases the child has been found a few days after the status was posted (months ago!).

2.The Selfies – A Collection

Some selfie are causing great anxiety and has become the bastard child of the social media.for example taking pictures in the toilet, naked pictures and many more.
Ways We Misuse Mobile Technology

3.Inability to concentrate on what you are doing

mobile technology has really improve the rate at which we learn new things but these has also decline the educational sector because student don’t want to learn again.
Ways We Misuse Mobile Technology

4.Watching Explicit Materials in Parliament

United States Senator from Arizona,John McCain was was caught playing Poker on his iPhone during the Syria hearing and the Internet went nuts (for maybe two minutes) but when we hear about politicians watching explicit materials in parliament meetings, no one bats an eyelash. In case this is news to you let me just add that it happens in more places than you think.

john mclainplaying porker-techcribng

Huffington Post revealed that more than 300,000 attempts were made to access adult sites at work in the House of Commons (by staff and Members of Parliament). Elsewhere, three ministers in India resigned after they were caught on a news broadcast sharing a clip during a parliament session.

An Indonesian MP also resigned after he was caught by a news reporter, watching you-know-what on his tablet during a parliamentary debate. The photograph made the headlines, particularly because he had earlier helped pass a controversial law which could put couples kissing in public (among other lighter-than-his offences) into prison for a heavy 15-year sentence.


Obsolete cell phones are becoming one of the important sources of electronic waste. Due to the fast development of mobile technology, new versions of mobile phones are coming and people buy them and discard the old one. The discarded cell phones become a source of environmental pollution if they are not recycled. There are toxic chemicals like, lead, zinc, mercury etc in the electronic components of mobile phones. The brominated flame retardants used in computers and mobile phones are toxic if enters into the body. If these toxic chemicals accumulate, they leach into the water bodies and finally get into the body of animals including human beings through drinking water. Prevention of e-waste and promotion of Green electronics is a new challenge in the field of electronics.
Ways We Misuse Mobile Technology

5. People don’t attend concerts, iPads do

Singyin Lee an editor Filed in Culture and Internet section of hongkiat said he came across this beauty the other day. In the shot below, there’s supposed to be a recital or a concert… he said he can’t tell because all the iPads are in the way. Overzealous parents were trying to get a video of their children, who were performing right in front of them.

Because of this, all the parents at the back can see are the back of other people’s heads and outstretched iPads, the kids have to make do with the back of smartphones and iPads instead of the proud faces of their parents.
Ways We Misuse Mobile Technology

Way to go guys. I’m sure it is more important for you to have that shaky recording of your child’s performance on Facebook than it is to actually be there for them. How many times are you going to rewatch that recording? As comedian Louis CK will tell you, zero.

The mother who took this photo had to retreat to the corridor to wait for her son to finish his singing, unaware that nobody in the audience could actually see any part of their performance.


With the increased use of camera phones and Multimedia facilities and blue tooth technology, mobile phone related cyber crime incidents are increasing. Cybercrime includes traditional activities such as fraud, theft or forgery, whenever a telecommunication system is involved. The word Cyber is derived from the Greek word Kubernetes meaning Steersman .It is used in the terms cybersex, cybernetics, cyberspace, cyberpunk, cyber homes and cyber hate etc. It is used in the computer or electronic context to denote control of the thing represented by the word it precedes
Ways We Misuse Mobile Technology

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