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Ways to Use Technology to Connect with Nature



At first glance, it might seem that technology and nature rarely go hand in hand. People tend to be divided firmly into one camp or the other. But just because you are tech savvy, it doesn’t mean you can’t love nature. Nor does being connected to the world around us mean you should renounce all technological progress. In fact, why not use the wonders of modern technology to bring us closer to mother Earth? Here are just some ways to achieve this goal.

Utilize Apps

With the explosion of Android and IPhone, there is probably an app for just about anything you can think of. Nature lovers can find plenty of fun and useful apps to state their interests. Use the North Face Trailhead App for a community-based app used to find and share the best trails for hiking or skiing. Once you are on your way, you can use any one of the dozens of apps made to identify bird species, plant life, animal tracks or anything else you are interested in. Many of these allow you to share your findings with an online community and track your own observations, findings and progress. Another subset are purely educational apps used from the comfort of your home. They range from colorful yet informative kids’ apps to serious ones aimed at adults. The possibilities are endless.

Be Wowed by HD Documentaries

With the National Geographic channel, Animal Planet, BBC World, and the like, we are surrounded by tons of beautiful, quality documentaries exploring every aspect of nature you could possibly think of. Immerse yourself in the opus of the incredibly prolific David Attenborough to explore some parts of our planet you might never get the chance to visit otherwise. Or, for a philosophical look at man’s place in the natural world, check out the masterpieces of Werner Herzog, such as Grizzly Man, Encounters at the End of the World, or Happy People: a Year in the Taiga. With the advance of Brinno cameras, nature has never looked better or been closer.


Learn Through Games

Educational games have always been a fantastic way to learn, for kids as well as adults. Nat Geo alone has its own multiplayer online virtual world, a variety of smaller, online games, and games for the Xbox and PS. However, National Geographic is just a tiny drop in the virtual sea. Playing is one of the best and easiest ways to learn, so educational games are a great, fun, intuitive way to spark your kids’ interest in the world around them.

Use Gadgets for Outdoor Adventures

With the rise of geek culture, there has been a boom in gadget development for virtually every subset of society and every niche of interest. If you think about it, exploration of the natural world is a field that could definitely use some cool gadgets. From high quality multi tools, high-tech self-inflatable tents, solar chargers, stoves that cook and charge your devices at the same time, all manner of GPS devices, satellite devices such as phones and messengers – whatever useful trinket you can think of, there’s a chance someone has already made it. Everything that is necessary to ensure your safety and comfort can be bought in some corner of the internet.

With a little effort and research, it’s easy to find what technological advances appeal to you. By using technology to bring us closer to nature, we are also helping spread the word and raising awareness about environmental issues. With all of the technology available to us nowadays, there is really no reason or excuse to be uninformed, or to ever get lost, go hungry or fail to document our precious memories of the time spent in the wild.

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