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10 Ways To Charge Your Phone In An Emergency

Segun Balogun



Once your cell phone is down, then the phone becomes useless. Not only does a dead phone battery cut you off from communication with the outside world, but it strips you of your contact book as well.
Today i am gonna explain 10 ways to charge your phone in an emergency, when a power outlet or computer isn’t available.

1.Backup Battery


External battery chargers are literally large batteries with ports for connecting phones or other USB device. Those designed to charge smartphones are usually no larger than one, so they’re easy to store in a drawer, backpack or glovebox.



Car mobile phone chargers are relatively inexpensive, and allow you to charge your phone from your car if electricity is unavailable.
Most car chargers work in the same way, so buying a specific version isn’t important. Just remember that iPhones will need a compatible charger or an adapter. Also keep an eye out for dual-USB chargers, which are handy if you’d like to charge two phones or a phone and a second device.


sun power-techcribng

Solar energy is a radiant light and heat from the sun harnessed using a range of ever-evolving technologies such as solar heating, solar photovoltaics, solar thermal energy, solar architecture and artificial photosynthesis.
However , You can theoretically use a phone indefinitely without access to central power if you have a solar charger. All that’s required is access to the sun, and even a moderately overcast day will produce enough energy to charge your phone. unlike the two solar energy is easy and good to use unless the weather is dull.


4.Charge Your phone by Using SWEAT

Just have a little exercise then you will get your cell phone power.

Could we charge our phones using SWEAT? Temporary tattoo uses chemicals in perspiration to generate energy k


Researchers have developed a small temporary tattoo that strips electrons from lactate produced by our bodies during perspiration.
At the moment, the energy it harnesses is just enough to charge a small biobattery, but the team are working on ways to use the technology to charge smartphones and tablets.
The device works by detecting and responding to lactate, which is naturally present in sweat.
‘Lactate is a very important indicator of how you are doing during exercise,’ said lead researcher Wenzhao Jia, Ph.D from the University of California San Diego.


5.Don’t leave your phone in the sun

this is different from the use of solar energy above. Although It may sound like an odd tip, but leaving your phone in sunlight is detrimental to your smartphone’s battery charge. According to Krystal  Organizational Development team : “Probably worth mentioning that leaving your mobile in the sun does can reduce battery life. My mother tried that with her iPhone last week and it overheated.”


6.Charge your phone with FIRE!!!

This is done by using a fire pan. How’s this for a one-pot Quickfire Challenge, Padma? Cook up a great meal and charge phone at the same time, using the same device. That was the idea behind the Pan Charger, which not only can be used to cook up a delicious meal,

CHARGE WITH FIRE -techcribngbut also converts that heat — whether it’s from your stovetop or the blaze of a campfire — into an electric charge that will power gadgets via USB plug. Better plan on a slow-cooked meal, though; it’ll take a few hours to fully charge anything. Utensils down, power up!


7. Hand-Crank Charger

Hand-crank chargers work by converting the energy of your crank into charge, which is then transferred either to your phone or an internal battery. This means they always work. If you can crank, your phone can charge. it’s a thing, and you can buy one for $60 online. Don’t expect it to charge quickly, however, unless there’s also charge stored in the internal battery. Most modern smartphones will require a few minutes of cranking before they have enough charge to send a text, and any real conversation demands a good ten to twenty minutes twirling away. These problems make hand-crank chargers an option of last resort.

8. Keep a USB cable handy


Got a laptop with a full charge? You can use that to charge your mobile phone via a USB cable. “Charging a laptop when you know that a power outage may be imminent will allow you to charge your smartphone if electricity is cut off. Newer laptops have special USB ports than can provide power with the laptop still off, an even better use of the laptop’s power for USB devices,” notes Tony, a Solution Designer working in Telstra Operations.

9. Road Side Phone And Battery Charger

Haiti Earthquake Response JAN 2010

Just walk to any any road side charger to charge your phone .. they are every where especially in the street of Lagos

10. Emergency pack

emergrncy park-techcribngThere are lot in the  market, including this one, the Voltaic Backpack. With it, you stay off the grid, while staying in touch.just back it , then get it done

Now To You

There’s no single choice that is best in above tips, but all are reliable. chose the one that fit you .Got any further tips on extending your mobile phone battery life during an emergency? Add yours to the comments below.

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