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How To Use Whatsapp For Free, Extend Or Increase Its Trial Period

Segun Balogun



Are you worried that when you register your whatsapp account you can only used it for a years and then start paying $0.99 but the goodnews is that with the latest tips and tricks you can used it for free or even extend it trial version..
Before you do these  i strongly recommend you to these when your
whatsapp is a day to expire but you can still
use it now. Faster enough the better it is.
Inother to achieve it , please kindly follow the step below..
Step 1. Open your whatsapp and press Option >
About > Account Info > Option > Delete
Step 2. A page will be displayed telling you to
enter your mobile number and telling you
what will happen. As shown below.
Step 3. This is what we ar trying to achieve on this tutorial
Delete All Your Whatsapp Service Payment
Step 4. Then press continue after you enter your
phone number and follow the next steps to
completeStep 5. Now trial is gone but you are no more on
whatsapp. Read on.
Step 6. Open whatsapp back and register as
normal as you do before by entering and
confirming your phone number.
Step 7.After succesful registration, you get one
more year free.
Check the status again as explained above in
the first place.
7. Thats all you need to do to get rid of the
trial. deletion.


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