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Use Wallpaper from Windows 8 Bing App as Lock Screen

The last time i discussed about how Google Modern search app for Windows 8 is better than Bing. , I mentioned that the only thing cool about the latter is the beautiful backdrops it displays while searching. Well, its seems Microsoft knew that most of the users will go for the Google search app and that’s why they let you use the only thing that’s cool about the app –thebeautiful backdrops – as Windows 8 lock screen.


If you love the backgrounds of the Bing Modern search app, you can straightaway apply them as your Windows 8 Lock Screen Wallpaper from the app itself.
Setting up the Lock Screen
To change the lock screen, open the Bing app. The app updates a new backdrop everyday but you can use the left and right navigation keys on the keyboard to cycle between last 7 backgrounds that featured in the app.


Next, right-click anywhere on the Bing app and then click on the option Set As Lock Screen.
Immediately The app will instantly change your Windows 8 lock screen with the current image. Moreover, if you would like to set these images as your computer or mobile wallpaper, open run command, type in%userprofile%\AppData\Local\Packages\Microsoft.Bing_8wekyb3d8bbwe\LocalStateand press enter.



Here you will find all the Bing app’s images that you have used as lock screen images. You can also use the ones in landscape layout as wallpapers and the ones in portrait for your smartphones.

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