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How to Use Nokia X as Usb Modem or Wifi Hotspot to Access Internet on PC

Nokia X was announced as the first Nokia smartphone running on Android OS in febuary ,2014. It includes Nokia X+ and Nokia XL. Now if you own any of these devices and you are wondering how to use it to access internet on PC or create WiFi Hotspot then this tutorial is for you.
There are two method by which you can access internet on your PC using Nokia X smartphone.


Method 1: Connect Nokia X Using USB Cable or bluetooth modem to Access Internet


1.Nokia X, X+ or XL Smartphone
2.Nokia CA-101 MicroUSB cable (only if you choose USB Tethering)
3.Bluetooth adapter on your PC or any other device (only if you choose Bluetooth tethering)

Step 1:Connect Nokia X to your PC through USB data cable..If your phone is not detected, you may need the Nokia Connectivity Cable Drivers

Step 2:Now in your phone Tap the Settings
Step 3:Tap on Mobile Data and Networks
Step 4:Now select Tethering and Hotspot


Step 5:Check USB Tethering if you want to create a USB Hotspot. Or else Bluetooth Tethering
Step 6:Now wait till your PC shows connected to internet using your phones data
That’s it! Now you can browse internet on your PC using your Nokia X’s internet connection. This method can be only applied on PC, unlike WiFi Hotspot feature, which is only limited to WiFi enabled device.

Method 2: Create WiFi Hotspot on Nokia X

Nokia X smartphone comes with inbuilt WiFi Hotspot feature. You can create WiFi Hotspot on your Nokia X device and can access internet on any WiFi enabled device like Laptop, PC, Smartphones. This method is best if you don’t want to connect your device using data cable to your PC. Follow these steps to create Hotspot on your smartphone.
1.Open Settings>Mobile data and networks>Tethering and Hotspot
2.Tap on Portable Wi-Fi hotspot
3.Once hotspot is enabled, tap on Set up Wi-Fi hotspot to choose options related to the type of security and the security key.
4.Connect your other Wi-Fi enabled devices to the hotspot created using Nokia X and start browsing the internet.

Conclusion:Following the steps above, you can easily use your Nokia X smartphone as a USB/Bluetooth Modem or as Portable WiFi hotspot. Incase you face any difficulty in the setup process, leave a comment below and feel free to share this with your love ones.

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