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How To Unlock Your Android Phone Just By Picking It Up

Segun Balogun



Lastweek i wrote about how to take picture by whistling on your android phone , which sound funny to everyone.. As you all know that the Rapid Improvement in technology had lead to new creative thought and in mobile app and gadget.
Android , a user interface based on direct manipulation, designed primarily for touchscreen mobile devices such as smartphones and tablet computers..
Today tutorial also sound funny , but i know you guyz will find it useful.

Unlock Your Android Phone Just By Picking It Up
For you to achieve this , you need to activate an application called WAKEUP.
There are lots of ways to unlock your phone, but they are difficult to use. WakeUp unlocks your handset when you pick it up and hold it at the right angle.
For you to achieve this , you just need to do three things:

First : Download the free app from Google Play , fire it up , tap on the Enable Device Administrator button and on the Enable Device Administrator button and on the next screen, tap on Activate

wakeup 1-techcribng

wakeup 2-techcribng


Second, go to widgets and place the WakeUp 1×1 widget on any of the homescreens


  • wakeup4-techcribngNote : since you’ve allow the app to be monitored automatically , the app will run in the background and sit in the notification drawer doing its thing.
  • But it will only do so for 30 minutes. If you want to increase (or decrease) its time limit, then you need to upgrade to the Pro app ($3). But if you don’t do this, it might be a kind of blessing in cheapness.
  • Because the application uses a little battery while monitoring; you can then set how long it will be monitoring the movement of the device: the convenience comes at a cost. So i will advice you to keep the 30 minute limit on. Once that limit passes, you’ll need to use unlock by using the power key and then you are good for another 30 mins.

I hope you will find this tutorial useful.
In case you have any question let us know by using our comment box..
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