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Unbelievable: Bluetooth device will help motorist to avoid traffic congestion

Segun Balogun



A new Bluetooth device can help motorists avoid traffic jams

A new Bluetooth device can help motorists avoid traffic jams such as this.

A new <u>Bluetooth</u> device can help motorists avoid traffic jams

A WORLD-first system to track cars via their Bluetooth devices as they drive around Adelaide will help drivers avoid traffic congestion and reduce travel times.

The Traffic SA system will display travel times via various routes between major destinations on roadside message boards to help drivers choose the quickest routes, according to the Transport Department.

Colour coding of travel times will also be used to demonstrate areas of high congestion, with red used to signal the greatest delays.

The innovative system uses more than 280 “receivers’’ – worth $1000 each and mostly located at traffic lights – to count passing cars fitted with Bluetooth across more than 700km of Adelaide roads and highways heading into the city.

A pilot program is underway with a message board erected on North East Rd near the intersection with Grand Junction Rd showing travelling times to the north-eastern suburbs.
Transport Minister Stephen Mulligan said the system “measures traffic in real time,allowing us to predict where traffic is likely to build up, and communicate this to drivers to consider using alternative routes.

“This bluetooth trial is unique in delivering up-to-the-minute data for motorists, and we are keen to see if this provides advantages over other existing sources of traffic information,’’ he said.

The Transport Department said numbers identifying individual Bluetooth systems were not collected by the receivers.
The ground breaking system last night received a gong at the Australian Institute of Traffic Planning and Management conference held in Adelaide.

Other Excellence Award winners included Norwood, Payneham & St Peters Council’s City-Wide cycling plan which created Bicycle Boulevards..


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