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Twitter’s new move threatens WhatsApp dominance

Segun Balogun



SAUDIS are taking on Twitter and booming on Facebook; these are the usual news we hear about Saudis committing to social media websites, but we tend to overlook the simplest of them all, WhatsApp.

It is definitely booming, which explains Facebook’s $19 billion deal to take it over. The number of messages and photos shared on the platform is tremendous even when compared to platforms dedicated for photo sharing like Instagram or Snap Chat.

In Saudi Arabia, similar to other social media platforms, WhatsApp is sneaking its way into daily lives, into our culture. Look around you, you will find people with their eyes glued to the mobile screens, reading, laughing and reposting. What makes it a bit unique is that it is not only popular among certain demographics like Twitter and Facebook, it is popular everywhere. Young or old, highly or moderately educated, you are most probably part of different WhatsApp groups; friends, family, or even business, it is reinventing the way we interact and communicate.
This dominance of WhatsApp in the messaging market might come to an end at the hands of no other than Twitter. According to Mashable, Twitter just announced last Friday night that it is planning to update its iOS and Android apps so users can view their entire direct messages history on mobile. Many analysts see this as an indication that Twitter is seriously thinking of entering the market of messaging especially with the boom in platforms like WhatsApp and Line.

Meawhile last April, Twitter introduced pop-up notifications for messages on its Web app, and it tested the possibility of opening the messages so you could receive them from anybody, not only from those you follow, in addition to rumors that Twitter might introduce a group messaging option in the near future, as explained by Mashable.
Twitter CEO Dick Costolo himself talked about the importance of updating the messaging features on the platform. “When you think about the best international opportunity,” Costolo said on a call with Mashable, “there’s a real opportunity for us when we think about our private messaging to strengthen the core of our Twitter product by making it easier for users to move more fluidly between the public conversation that happens everywhere on Twitter and the private conversation between you and a friend or you and a few friends.
If such changes and updates find their way to Twitter, it would shake the messaging platforms market share, it would certainly give Facebook a good run for its investment. Combining the public timeline with its news and general interests with the cosy and warmer family and friends messages would be an exciting thing to see.
At the very least, we would not be seeing messages moving from this platforms, they will all be one!

source: Arab news

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