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Top 4 Tips to Improve Your Video Campaign



There are numerous reasons why so many marketing experts claim videos to be the way of the future. First of all, seeing how they occupy all senses at once, videos are much more immersive than textual content. Apart from this, it is human nature to receive visual information 60,000 times faster than textual. Finally, a video is mobile-friendly content, which allows you to appeal to the currently largest demographic online. Still, just putting your content in this format is hardly enough to give your campaign the efficiency you are hoping for. Here are four things you need to know in order to reach this worthy goal.

1.      Tell a story

The first thing you need to keep in mind is that in order to make compelling content, you need to tell a story. For this to work, you need to revolve around three major elements of storytelling – the protagonist, the problem and the action. First, you need to know the protagonist. A lot of directors make a mistake and assume that their company should take this role when it should clearly go to the client. Next, you need to have a problem or a conflict that your services/products will help resolve. Finally, you need to have the action, which represents a direct way in which the conflict is resolved (of course, not in detail).

2.      Go off script

In order to maximize the immersion of your audience, you need to make your video appear as spontaneous as possible. For this, however, you need to go off script. For instance, you could go around and record a single day at your company and then edit this video a bit or even make a compilation. Another great idea would be to record a corporate event. Luckily, some event management companies also dabble in high-end video production, which can make this daunting task significantly easier.

3.      Come up with a great title

During the process of video creation, you need to keep in mind that a lot of people might be reluctant towards playing it in the first place. For this, you need to pay attention to three major features: video length, thumbnail and the title. The latter two need to reveal what the video is all about but without revealing any major spoilers (if there are any). When it comes to the title, it gets even harder, due to the fact that you want to make it compelling but without making it appear as click-bait.

4.      Shoot for viral

Even though it is impossible to predict whether your video will go viral or not, there are several ways in which you can significantly improve your odds. First of all, every platform has its own unique set of rules. For instance, on YouTube, having a great title (something we discussed earlier), being short and evoking positive emotions are three most important tips for making a viral video. Furthermore, you need to share, share and share some more. Remember, the more platforms you cover, the greater your reach will be. This is where you should turn to social networks for some help.

Producing a quality video is both an art and a craft, which means that there are many skills and abilities which may help you improve your odds. However, not all of these skills are necessarily production based. Learning how to write your ideas down with the greatest efficiency, making a video budget and organizing your team are factors that are equally as important. Keep in mind that all of these skills are something you will benefit from in the future, so don’t be afraid to set some time and money aside in order to attend a course that will help you hone these talents.

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