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[How to]Backup and Download Data from Orkut Before it Shuts down

Segun Balogun



On June 30 this year , Google announced that it has decided to orkut shotdown-techcribngclose Orkut for good after September 30th. Note that now it is no longer possible to open an account on the social network launched in January 2004, a month before Facebook, but after Friendster.
So If you are still an active user of Orkut, then this may not be good news for you. As we will all believe that social media enable to meet new friends through its network , by these Uploading pictures, notes e.t.c ..
Incase You have also uploaded several photos to your Orkut account. However, since Orkut will not be available from September 30 you will lose all your personal data with the deletion of your account.
With the announcement of closing Orkut, Google has also announced a tool named Google Takeout to help you to download full copy of your Orkut data. This data copy will include, all your profile data, friends list and all the pictures you have uploaded to Orkut.

Today tutorial wil guide you to know how to backup and download data from Orkut using Google Takeout.

How to Download Data from Orkut

Step 1:Login to your Orkut account
Step 2: Once logged in. Click on this LINK to access Google Takeout.
Step 3:Find “Create an Archive button” and click on it to begin the process.
Step 4:Now you will be asked to select for which service you want to create archive, Select Orkut from the list.
Step 6:Now wait until the archive is created with a Download button.
Step 7:Once done, click on the Download button.
Step 8:Now you will be ask to enter your Google account password. Enter your password to verify your ownership. The backup/copy of your Orkut data will be automatically downloaded to your computer’s hard drive.
Step 9:Click on Downloaded archive to open it.
In the archive, you can find all the pictures you have uploaded, friends list and comments. By following the above steps you can download full backup of your data from your Orkut account.
Feel to share these with your friends and if you have any question  , please drop it by using our comment box.

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1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. Emmanuel

    July 16, 2014 at 12:40 am

    Hi Segun,

    I quite remember I had account on Orkut but wasn’t all that active on it. It is simply a pity Google intend shutting it down after being online for all these years and I guess those who have no idea with respect to how download their data will be grateful for this.

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