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7 Tips to Protect Your Phone In Cold Weather

Segun Balogun



Harmattan means a very dry, dusty easterly or north-easterly wind on the West African coast, occurring from December to February.
It pose a danger not only to humans, pets and vehicles but also to something people count on every day.
When it is this cold, cell phones could stop working when people need them the most.
Smartphones can experience performance problems, and break more easily, in extreme cold temperatures.
Smartphone batteries can drain faster and can suddenly shut down in cold weather
There are special cases and gloves for using smartphones in freezing temperatures.. today i am gonna explain Tips on how to Protect Your Phone In Cold Weather

protect your smartphone-techcribng

1.Use warming gloves when handling a smartphone in the cold. Whether gloves are warmed or not, protecting yourself in the cold will also help prevent accidental drops due to your own physical reactions to the cold.

2.Don’t leave your smartphone in a cold vehicle for extended periods of time, especially not overnight. Such extended use can cause permanent internal and external damage.

3.Keep your smartphone away from or protected from snow related activities such as shoveling or sledding. In addition to the cold, the opportunity for the device to get wet is also great and extremely damaging.

4.Use headphones or a Bluetooth earbud and mic in order to keep smartphones put away while out in the cold. Not only do many Bluetooth devices have call answer buttons, many smartphones have quick answer options, which will allow users to take calls without handling the device.

5.Charge your smartphone before going outside. If your battery is fully before going out into the cold, it is less likely to experience battery drain. Keep a mobile charger around for long trips as well as an extra battery for backup.

6. According to wnem , if you’re planning a road trip, bring along a secondary charging source. That way you’ll be able to keep your phone charged in a winter emergency.

7. Cases also help to keep phones warm. There are even cases especially built to regulate a phone’s temperature in extreme situations.



Now to you

What do you do to protect your smartphone from the cold? Let us know in the comments below.

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