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The Technology Has Changed the Landscape of the Real Estate Industry



The Technology Has Changed the Landscape of the Real Estate Industry

The technology is turning everything around and the real estate market is no exception. The first improvement in the field was focused primarily on listing services for the residential part of the market; but, more importantly, it has also paved the way for the technology to start seeping into the world of real estate industry. This is why many real estate professionals have chosen to jump on new technologies and quickly familiarize themselves with a variety of ways to maximize their efficiency.

New marketing technologiesNew marketing technologies

The only reason why we are familiar with the fact that the 90s doctors were all equipped with beepers is because of the TV shows such as E.R. But even realtors used the device extensively, as it allowed them to be even more accessible – it was the backbone of a realtor’s success. This, however, was over two decades ago and the trends have hugely changed – with the smartphone technology, a realtor is more accessible than ever, which has made them unable to focus on other important aspects of their business – marketing their business and their client’s properties, for example.
There really is no escaping this – the smartphone technology is so widespread that you’d be a fool to neglect its potential benefits – you can either turn your pocket computer off when focusing on other aspects of your real estate business, losing potential valuable leads in the process, or embrace the technology and use it to your advantage. We’re talking here about location-based apps that help the buyers find properties in their area and they all work in the roughly same way: start the app, use your phone’s GPS to determine your location and receive location-based real estate data via the app.

Information storage

As a real estate agent, the amount of data you can store in your mind is limited – you’re only human. On the other hand, having everything written down on paper is time-consuming, impractical and can’t really give you a nice overview of every piece of information with regards to every neighborhood and property. The amount of information that a real estate agency possesses, however, cannot be stored on a laptop, let alone on a smartphone, which makes field work very hard. Well, without the cloud, a real estate agent might find himself or herself in a rather tight spot, having to call the HQ, hoping that someone is available. Luckily, we’re currently in a cloud technology boom! You can safely store all the real estate information you might need in a single spot and make sure that everyone within your company has real-time access to it, as long as they are online.

The online real estate experienceThe online real estate experience

The technology applicable in real estate has even moved a step beyond what you may currently think is possible. While sharing general information about a property with your clientele is certainly significantly easier than having to deal with lengthy phone calls, you now don’t even necessarily have to showcase the property in question in person; real estate 3D virtual tours are now a real thing! If you think that not being able to interact with actual objects will deter your clients from using this progressive piece of technology, you’re wrong, because it works even better than real life! These tours will allow the user to fully customize the property in question, to the point of changing the furniture material and color!

The technological advancements have changed the real estate industry through-and-through, even though it may not seem that way. The new marketing ways have enabled the agents to be accessible, without losing track of other key factors of their profession; the cloud environment has made a ton of data always no more than a couple of clicks and swipes away and the 3D virtual technology will definitely save you a ton of time!

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