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The Best of DIY Home Tech Repairs



Rich people pay others to repair their things. Smart people deal with basic fixes all by themselves. No matter what group of people you belong to, it is interesting to sense what it feels like when you manage to do something on your own. We have chosen to present you a few undemanding fixes everybody can do in their homes and offices.


Paid bills, but no Internet access

Since today more and more people work from their homes or do their shopping on ecommerce sites, not having an Internet connection for a longer period of time is a disaster. So, if you know for sure that you do not owe anything to your Internet provider and you still cannot access the net, first try to restart your router. Restarting is the best starting point of every repair in case of IT devices. If the connection is still unavailable, check if all the lights on the router are on. Also, if you are working on a laptop, your connection button might be switched off; desktop users should check the Internet cable. If nothing helps, call your provider’s the customer support. It is important to go through all those simple steps before you call for help. Otherwise, you could call end up paying a technician for a silly problem.


Dark screen zone

Sooner or later, every monitor must die. Although this IT prophecy is a fact, nobody likes when their work tool stops working. So, if your notebook screen stays dark after you have switched on the device, the first step is trying to connect it to an external monitor. If you can see your notebook desktop on that monitor, your notebook screen has probably died. The screen can be replaced in a simple way; just follow these instructions. However, if the monitor also remains black, then the problem is probably caused by the video card. Replacing it requires a more experienced technician than a DIY-home repairer. Speaking of the dark zone and the fragility of computer devices, every wise IT worker or computer user in general should always back up the most important data from their hard drives. Learn how cloud can help you make and save the copies of your files.


Printer maintenance basics

Although more and more offices and homes are accepting the paperless IT policy, most homes and offices cannot function without printers. If your printer stops working, it will most use some sort of a blinking signal to warn you about its condition. There are usually two lights on every printer; one alerting there is no ink, and the other one informing you that the printer has run out of paper. Both problems are easy to solve. When it comes to paper, it is basically not a repair, but a refill. However replacing a toner cartridge is a kind of repair. You need to open the printer, i.e. remove the plastic part covering the cartridge area, take out the used cartridge and install the new one. It is really a simple procedure, but there is one crucial step – always detach the printer from the power supply system, to avoid being electrocuted.


Every amateur in the field of IT or/and electricity should not go beyond those three types of tech repairs. Unprofessional or unauthorized treatment of technological devices could harm their quality or cause a breach of warranty. This is why you should do only simple repairs on your own. For more complex endeavors, always contact professionals.

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