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Tech Add-ons to the Modern Kitchen



Tech Add-ons to the Modern Kitchen

You might not be able to see it, but the kitchen has progressed incredibly since the 90’s. Even though the traditional kitchens are still pretty common, there are a lot of innovative gadget solutions to satiate the tech hunger of every nerd out there. These devices present the cream of the kitchen future.

Egg MinderEgg Minder

You can check if the milk has gone bad by smelling it, but when it comes to eggs, it is pretty much a game of chance. Sure, you can simply designate a bowl for “egg smelling” when making an egg-based meal and crack every single one into it, before pouring it into the actual dish bowl, but should you happen to forget to do this, your entire meal may well end up completely ruined. The Egg Minder is a piece of clever technology that can help you easily pick potentially spoiled eggs off by telling you how old each one of them is. This neat piece of gadgetry also comes with a smartphone/tablet app that sends notifications when you start running out of eggs at home!


We need as much help as we can get when it comes to our grocery shopping lists; how many times have you managed to forget the most obvious thing? Who would’ve thought that the assistance would come from an advanced trash can gadget? Well, the way it works is quite simple, really: GeniCan is attached to your garbage can in order to keep a list of groceries that you will need. This cool gadget scans the item barcodes while you’re disposing of them, sending it all to the GeniCan app on your smartphone (yes, there’s an app included). As for items without a barcode, holding them in front of this device will prompt you to add it to the phone list manually.

Samsung Smart Fridge

We’ve already seen our fair share of ‘smart’ in our lifetimes, but this tech field seems to be growing beyond smartphones and smart TVs. Samsung Smart Fridge is a prime example here; but what is it that makes this technology smart? Well, in addition to an 8-inch LCD display, Wi-Fi connectivity, and a bunch of useful options, such as calendars, memos, internet radio, smart TV playback and smartphone mirroring, it can order food for you online, depending on the stock levels of your supplies!

Frigidaire portable air conditionerFrigidaire portable air conditioner

Installing the entire air conditioning system into your kitchen might not be the soundest of plans, really; it will set you back quite a bit, and you won’t really be using it on a daily basis. However, you’ve probably lived to regret this smart decision a multitude of times during the scorching summer heat. Getting a portable room air conditioner from Frigidaire is an excellent idea – it comes equipped with a multi-speed fan, ready-select controls, remote controls and even an antibacterial filter!

AwoX StriimLIGHT

Okay, here’s a goofy piece of kitchen gadgetry – a lighting fixture that can play music! Well, although this idea might be kind of ridiculous in the majority of other rooms throughout your home, the kitchen is an exception. Why? Well, it saves the much-needed kitchen space, while keeping you entertained and in the zone during those long cooks. Furthermore, it is equipped with a LED bulb, which pay off in the long run, are energy efficient and provide quality lighting. With regards to the music aspect of this neat device, it is equipped with a built-in Bluetooth speaker, powered through being plugged in into any lighting fixture.

The traditional kitchen is slowly going out of fashion – the five mentioned kitchen gadgets are convenient, useful and make your kitchen time significantly more efficient!



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Google’s piecemeal privacy changes now let users auto-delete their data

Segun Balogun



Google said Wednesday it’s making a handful of privacy changes for users.

In a blog post, the search giant said it’ll make it easier for users to go “incognito” and pause data collection as they use Google’s mobile apps. It’s also adding proactive account security recommendations to its Security Checkup tool.

Google also said it’ll allow its users to auto-delete their data after 18 months.

It explains: Starting today, the first time you turn on Location History — which is off by default — your auto-delete option will be set to 18 months by default. Web & App Activity auto-delete will also default to 18 months for new accounts. This means your activity data will be automatically and continuously deleted after 18 months, rather than kept until you choose to delete it. You can always turn these settings off or change your auto-delete option.

The privacy changes come months after European regulators opened an investigation into Google’s processing of location data on the continent.

Meanwhile, stateside, Google is one of many Silicon Valley tech giants also facing renewed questions about how they reconcile protecting users’ privacy while still providing their technology to law enforcement, amid protests against police brutality in the wake of the killing of George Floyd.

Over a thousand of Google’s own employees have asked the company to stop selling its technology to police departments across the United States. Amazon, IBM and Microsoft have already pulled the plug on selling their facial recognition technology to police, but left a wide berth to still sell to federal law enforcement.

Google is also facing a $5 billion class action suit in California for allegedly pervasively tracking the internet use of its users through their browser’s “incognito” mode.

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Internet Security

Pax8 and NewCloud Networks Announce New Partnership

Segun Balogun



Pax8, the best place to buy cloud solutions, today announced a new partnership with NewCloud Networks®, global provider of cloud computing services, to offer cloud storage and compute resources for Veeam® Cloud Connect Backup and Disaster Recovery.

“Pax8 is in the business of simplifying the cloud buying journey for MSPs, and this partnership with NewCloud enables our partners to seamlessly go to market with Veeam-powered backup and disaster recovery cloud solutions,” said Ryan Walsh, Chief Channel Officer at Pax8. “Together, our certified cloud experts will help partners with their cloud deployments in a cost-effective and secure way. This partnership will also save our partner community time because it eliminates the need to report monthly Veeam usage.”

NewCloud Networks is a Platinum level Veeam Cloud and Service Provider (VCSP) with data centers in nine locations across the USA. Pax8 partners can now offer their end users a cloud repository without the hassle of deploying and managing their own data centers, while seamlessly integrating NewCloud Networks’ cloud infrastructure as a backup and disaster recovery target.

Veeam Cloud Connect is a fully integrated feature of Veeam Availability Suite v10. The solution enables MSPs to offer any Veeam customer a modern approach to data protection and business continuity. NewCloud removes the complexity and offers the support MSPs need to sell and install Veeam-powered backup and disaster recovery solutions for their clients.

“We are excited to become a Pax8 vendor partner and to offer our best in breed cloud solutions, powered by Veeam Cloud Connect, to Pax8’s partner ecosystem,” said Sam V. Kumar, NewCloud Networks’ Founder & CEO. “NewCloud’s nationwide ultra-low latency network with data centers in nine locations makes it easy for partners to leverage and scale existing cloud infrastructure, rather than deploy their own. With the help of Pax8, we will expand our MSP network and enable more partners take advantage of monthly recurring revenue through cloud solutions.”

Partner benefits of the Pax8 and NewCloud partnership include:

  • Unlimited storage for backup as a service for Workstations and Microsoft 365 backup
  • Simplifies the Veeam licensing and eliminates the need for partners to report monthly Veeam usage or commit
  • Support for both Microsoft Hyper-V and VMware vSphere virtual environments
  • SLA backed Disaster Recovery to help partners meet their end client RPO and RTO needs
  • Fully integrated to the Veeam Availability console for simplified management
  • Offers simplified management of backup environment
  • SOC 2 and HIPAA compliant
  • No ingress or egress bandwidth fees
  • 24/7 support
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3D at Depth Launches Remote Sensing and Remote Data Control Technology

Segun Balogun



3D at Depth Inc., the world’s leading expert in subsea laser (SL) LIDAR technology, survey support services, and 3D data solutions recently launched a remote sensing and remoted data control solution to help operators provide a safe, more efficient environment to their operations while increasing their near real-time 3D data intelligence. The remote sensing and remote data control technology is built around expanded capabilities originally embedded in 3D at Depth’s proven subsea LiDAR technology when the company first commercialized in 2014. With the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic, the recent downturn in the industry, and the race to advance autonomy into offshore oil and gas operations, 3D at Depth quickly phased in the technology as part of their current standard services.

In order to support the decision-making process across production and exploration, the technology development required design considerations from pre-project planning to data processing and control. The goal was to provide near real-time 3D data to help operators make a more informed quality decision to help balance the benefits and costs associated with subsea assets. With this approach, 3D at Depth developed software simulators that can be installed on the vessel prior to the start of any project to simulate a remote scan or metrology. An additional feature provides flexibility for those vessels with low bandwidth communications to shore. 3D at Depth’s Compressed Remote Command and Control solution enables full control with bandwidths of just 6kb/second, allowing data to be collected offshore and stored on the sensor or a topside computer. The near real-time data quality control is achieved using an improved and trusted enhancement of the RIAAT format and newly named, Compressed Range Intensity Angle Angle Time (cRIAAT). This improved feature enables moving a scan location with bandwidths of 256kb/second less than the collection time. This flexibility allows an onshore operator to receive data and start processing with little or no delays to the offshore operation. This approach can be utilized on many offshore applications including leak detection, static field scans, and metrologies.

The flexibility of third-party system incorporation, such as offshore connectivity allows for varying vessel specifications of ship-to-shore communications capabilities. The short base system is capable of running over a normal 4G network without delays. This allows a 3D at Depth Subsea LiDAR Specialist to collect from a customer’s worksite/location or from one of 3D at Depth’s global office locations. This is especially important during extreme weather events onshore or with complex secure locations where external or outside companies have restrictions on connecting to the client network.

A key added value of 3D at Depth’s remote sensing and remote data control solution is the ability to collect offshore, then process and release onshore. The fast turnaround and shore-based Quality Control leverage the company’s resources and expertise across global time zones. From Houston, Texas, to Perth, Australia, and with our centrally located United Kingdom office, 3D at Depth delivers true global remote collection 24/7 without the extended working hours in any one office location.

“With 3D at Depth’s successful track record in applications such as asset inspection and integrity, leak detection and metrologies, and subsidence; our partners supported the idea of integrating remote sensing and remote data control into their projects,” stated Neil Manning, Chief Operational Officer at 3D at Depth. “Customers see real value in applications focused around seabed stabilization issues and offshore production expansion such as in brown or greenfield developments where touch-less metrologies are required. With positive early-stage results, we quickly realized this should be incorporated into our standard service package. The innovation started with the resident vehicle solution where in 2019 the company demonstrated this capability.”

3D at Depth’s remote sensing and remote data control solution also helps to reduce the risk of crewing offshore while providing additional benefits for today’s global restrictions on compliance requirements.

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