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Successful Retail Habits Your Store Should Nurture



Some people believe that in the 21st century, the era of e-stores, e-commerce and everything e-, the time of traditional retail is finally over. Well, those people haven’t been to a real store lately, because if they were, they would see that it is no less crowded than it was few decades ago. All jokes aside, because of the convenience of buying online it is significantly harder today to lead a lucrative retail than it was back in the golden era. However, this only means that you should try more. Here are some successful retail habits that your store should most definitely nurture.


You need a lot of information

First thing first, you need a lot of information if you are going to succeed in business of any kind and retail is not an exception here. There are two types of information you need, the information on your customers and information on your competition (so that you can stay competitive with prices and retail trends). As for the customer information, a simple survey will suffice. This way you can find out what your customers think about your store, your prices, your merchandise and of course your staff.

When it comes to gathering information on competitors, you need to walk the thin line of what is legal. Going to another store as a regular customer to inspect their prices and methods of sale is always a good idea and there is nothing illegal here whatsoever. You could also take a bit simpler approach and just read the local papers, or talk to your mutual supplier. Whatever works for you, works.

Point of Sale (PoS) display

As for the sales techniques, there is nothing that could triumph over carefully chosen point of sale display. The truth is that not only price matters but the position of the item as well. For example, an expensive item is more likely to be sold if it is placed next to the even pricier one, since in this way it seems more affordable. Also, displays next to the counter are always most appealing. Seeing how your client already has a full bag and a wallet in their hand, they probably won’t be able to see a reason not to buy just one more thing.

Customer is the king

The golden rule of retail states that customer is always right. This being said, where most online retailers make mistake is in selling items that they are interested in and not their customers. If your customer wants something they need to get it. After all, you are a retailer and this is why you are here in the first place.


Polite staff

Last, but probably the most important of all is that your staff must be polite and helpful at all times. Cold and hostile cashiers can act as an extremely efficient customer repellent and this is something you most definitely don’t need. Because of this, when hiring make sure to look for people who just beam with confidence and optimism. Remember, your staff will become the face of your company so your customers will form their opinion towards your store based on them.

With just these few techniques, you can successfully elevate your store to a whole new level. Just remember to use all the help you can get, learn as much as you can and of course always present your customers with the ultimate retail experience.

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