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Steps to Download Paid Android Games & Applications For Free

Segun Balogun



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A friend of mine who is a game freak send this to my mail on how he do download android app for free , so i have decided to share it with you guyz.

This post is exclusively for Android users who are addicted to Games and Applications.In This lovely tutorial i will explain Three(3) different best ways on how you can get Paid Android Games and Applications for free, which are as follows:

1. file sharing website :-The best way to download Android games and applications for free is through a website called file sharing websites .

The files to be downloaded on those websites was done by Android users who download or buy paid applications and upload them in file sharing websites. The best popular file sharing websites are:



Out of all the File Sharing Websites, I recommend 4shared , It simply the old and one of the best and most popular with loads of cool Applications and Games. Steps To Download Paid Applications From Those Websites1. Just log on to any of the above listed websites

2. Type the application name you want to download for free in their search bar and

3. Add the extension of “apk” e.g For example, if you want to download ADWLauncher EX (A paid app in Google play Store), type Adw launcher ex .apk and press enter . The results will then be viewed.

From the results, click the latest uploaded file and download it. Once the .apk file is downloaded, transfer it to your phone with a USB cable and install it on your phone.

Note :You can also download 4shared application from the market instead of searching applications on the web, you can use it directly to download any files.

2. BlackMart Alpha App :-BlackMart Alpha is an Android application itself, used for downloading paid applications for free. You need to search for BlackMart Alpha in the above mentioned file sharing sites, Search results will appear, Locate and Download this application, Transfer and install it on your Smart phone. After installation, open the BlackMart Alpha application, It has the same design like that of the Android Market App on your Smart phone. A list of applications will appear in it.

You can also use the search option to search and download a paid application for Free with BlackMart Alpha . The price of the specified or searched application will strike out. Click on download and install it directly to your Smart phone for free.

Note: don’t update any application you downloaded from BlackMart Alpha as there are chances that it might corrupt that application.


3.paying for Application in Android Market :-The last tip, which is most reliable and the best way to download the paid application is by paying for an application in the Android market. To use this option you should have a good file explorer application like ASTRO File Manager and ES File Explorer. Install ES File Explorer or ASTRO File Manager If you do not have it yet on your Phone, Go to Android market and purchase any application.

Within 15 minutes of the trial period you can get the full refund if you cancel the order.

The application gets downloaded to your Smart phone. Open ES file explorer, Click on App Manager

Go to list of installed applications and click on the application you just purchased and click on the backup. The application backup will be made in the backup folder of your SD card.

Once the backup is made, cancel the order from the Google Play Store and install it from the backup folder again.

Your money will be refunded after you cancel the order. So these are the Surest and easiest Way I have been using to download any Paid Applications for free. Enjoy!


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