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With New Sponge Battery, Charge Your Phone and car In Seconds

Segun Balogun



In today’s world, where just about everything is more convenient and accessible due to advances in technology across almost all sectors. Technology advances show people a more efficient way to do things, and these processes get results.

Just yesterday an article titled “Use Your Phone To Fry Your Food And Control It With This Simple App“was posted  , which some people appreciate it while others condemn it on a popular forum site Nairaland.

Meanwhile , An Israeli company called StoreDot  says it has developed technology that can charge a mobile phone in a few seconds and an electric car in minutes which will  be possible by 2016. This is done by using nano-technology to synthesize artificial molecules, which can also  store a  much higher charge more quickly, in effect acting like a super-dense sponge to soak up power and retain it.

With New Sponge Battery, Charge Your Phone and car In Seconds.

Mark Prigg a science tech editor for Mailonline explains the secret behinds this innovation.

With New Sponge Battery, Charge Your Phone and car In Seconds.


StoreDot sprang from research into Alzheimer’s at Tel Aviv University.

Researchers discovered naturally occurring crystals two nanometers in diameter that show interesting properties.

The crystals, short chains of amino acids called peptides, can store a charge or emit light, are easy and cheap to make, and are non-toxic, the company claims.

The firm is working on using the crystals, which it calls NanoDots, for displays and semiconductors as well as batteries.

StoreDot’s founder and chief executive Doron Myersdorf  said These are new materials, they have never been developed before. Company investors include Chelsea soccer club owner and Russian billionaire Roman Abramovich who is said to have spent $10 million for the project.

So far, the company had accomplished two funding rounds which enabled them to reach a total fund of $48 million. Myersdorf added that they have also received a backing from a leading manufacturer of mobile phones. The name of the company was not revealed though Myersdorf said it is based in Asia.

The main reason why i support  this  battery tech is just because it is going to  have a bigger impact on the car world, with the possibility of a car battery that can be charged in a few minutes as opposed to overnight, which could be a massive breakthrough for electric cars and the likes of Tesla.
The only disadvantage about this  according to a statement by  Doron Myersdorf, the founder and CEO of StoreDot, notes that phones boasting such super-quick charging tech would cost around $100 to $150 more than current models — so these batteries won’t come cheaply, at least to begin with.


This is a new advancement in technology , just imagine you  charging  our phone in just 30 seconds not even a minutes. this  sounds really amazing to you…

So what do you think about this , let me know drop your comment below.



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