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SEO: The Importance Of Valuable Backlink Building

Segun Balogun



Search engine optimization has come a long way since it was first introduced to the Internet. It has continuously evolved over the years, with new SEO methods becoming very useful, while bad SEO methods are no longer effective. One thing that has been proven and has been a part of SEO for years now is the use of links to gain higher rankings.

Backlinks are essential for any SEO campaign because not only do search engines look at them, but they can also be a really great source of traffic and leads. If you are still new to SEO and don’t completely understand why everyone keeps talking about links, then read on because we are going to go over the basics of what they are and how they benefit your site.

What Are Backlinks And How Do I Get Them?

Backlinks are links that are posted on other popular websites that point back to your website. This gives people on other sites a chance to click on your link and check out your page. While you may be thinking “oh, well that seems easy enough,” think again — this is one of that hardest aspects of SEO. You will need more than just a few great backlinks.

There are many different strategies to get a backlink campaign going. A popular example would be to create some content and then guest posting it on other people’s blogs. Using this strategy provides both websites with benefits. The site you posted to will be able to provide their audience with more quality content, while your site gets a backlink as well as a little traffic from the people that found your content interesting and deciding to click the link.

Blog commenting, done in moderation, can also be

You could also use link-building services that can help you get those links for you if you’re not a whiz at it yourself. Third-party SEO experts can really make your life much easier and save you plenty of time. If you are running a business or multiple websites, you could probably use that time for more productive things, so if you can afford it, hire an expert to do the backlinks for you if you find someone you can trust.

Also, good old-fashioned excellent content will be another way to get a lot of backlinks. If you give people a reason to share the content with their friends and family, then you will see people linking to your site from all over the place.

How Do Search Engines Look at Links?

Search engines will take a look at the links that are pointing to your site and rank them based on how popular the site is, how many people use the link, whether the site is relevant to your niche, etc.  Basically, the better the site, the more “link juice” you get from the incoming link. One link from a well established site is better than 10 links from unpopular sites. Don’t think you can just start posting your links all over the place — that doesn’t work. It used to be a SEO method that was not good to use because it meant using spam as a way to get your link everywhere.

So once the search engine sees that your site is associated with other high ranking sites, they will raise you up as well which, in turn, gets you much more traffic.

Linking Methods To Stay Away From

As I briefly mentioned, you shouldn’t be trying to post your link anywhere that will allow it. With all of the updates that have happened over the years, search engines no longer look highly on sites that use bad tactics and will actually punish the site with lower rankings and less authority.

For example, to get a high ranking very fast, look for other sites that will allow you to post content or your link without much restrictions. Within weeks you have over 150 links out there, but are they actually working? Probably not. This is because you probably posted those links on websites that are completely irrelevant to your niche, have very low authority, or are flagged as link farms. Don’t try and take the easy way when it comes to getting links. The more natural they are, the better they will be.

Also, stay away from using any type of spam methods because not only will it not work, but it also hurts the brand of your site. Stay away from any method you might run into that promises “immediate results,” as they probably don’t work or they might end up getting you in trouble.


I hope you learned a little bit from all of this information. If you are new, links might seem to be a bit confusing at first, but once you start to get into it, it becomes much easier. Just make sure that you keep focused and that your strategies are good. You will eventually be ranked higher than you ever thought possible!



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