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10 Types of Selfies You Should Stop Taking

Segun Balogun



Hello friend, i am going to address something that is causing me great Anxiety and
has become the bastard child of the socialmedia..
Facebook , Twitter And Instagram are all amazing  and they consume about 50% of my walking hour.
Its true that we seems to have a love and hate relationship with taking selfies.
Meanwhile  , i  consider it as  a sign of mental  disorderand the next they are deemed to be an expression of  loving oneself. Regardless of where you belong , selfies are here to stay for the long run.
Today article who explain to you that Not all selfies are tolerated.


10 Types of Selfies You Should Stop Taking


1. Toilet Selfies

Of all places to take a selfie, why are you photographing your perfect face in the loo? I mean, I’m sure there are nicer places to take your selfie at home like the garden or the kitchen. Even your wall would make for a better background.

And why are you taking a selfie of yourself while making a dump? Why are you doing this?? This is just nasty. Please keep your business behind closed doors and off social media, good grief.

toilet-techcribng(Image source: College Times)


2. Crying Selfies

how can you take  a selfie when you are crying, Um, are you okay? Do you need to have some ice cream? Maybe you should get off the Internet for a while you know, so you can pull yourself together.

I still do not know what is the purpose of posting a photo of yourself crying but you should definitely consider taking a break from selfies to down a tub of ice cream. Or doing whatever it is to make yourself happy.

crying-techcribng(Image source: BuzzFeed)


3. Sleeping Selfies

are you pretending or what?…Hey, do you know that no one is buying nor falling for these ? We all know that you just decided to lie on the bed, angle your phone strategically, close your eyes, and press the shutter.

What’s that you say? Your finger just happened to click on the shutter at such an opportune time? Your bae caught you sleeping? Such impress.



4. Disaster Selfies

This is me looking at your selfie that you took when escaping from a fire or at a car crash.

Selfies You Should Stop TakingImage source: Imgur)

Because what are priorities, am I right? What is an awesome selfie compared to going to safety or helping the victims, after all. Congratulations on being the most sorry excuse of a human being, a rank which you now share with these people below:

This guy who took a selfie with a burning building in the background.

fire-techcribngImage source: Imgur)

5. Using Laptops or iPads To Take The Picture In A Mirror


Extreme Selfies

Please, stop. Get down from there, you’re going to fall. No really, watch out for that – rock.

Look, I know that selfie on top of that super tall building would make this the ultimate selfie or something. You were probably inspired by these guys and this jaw-dropping video they made after climbing a Hong Kong skyscrapper.


7. Shirtless Self

oh my gosh ,, how can you take a picture of yourself driving a car without putting on  a shirt.

shirtless selfee

8. Duckface Selfies

this is common among ladies nowadays..We’re reaching the end of 2014, why is this still a thing? No, you do not look pretty. If anything, it is absolutely unflattering and incredibly ridiculous. A simple smile would do and you look so much better and attractive and not annoying.


9. The Hospital Selfie

(A rare gem. The more tubes you have hooked up to you, the better.)


10.The Pregnant Belly Selfie

(Send this to your family and friends, not the entire Internet.)

pregnant selfie-techcribng

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  1. Max Arthur

    November 3, 2014 at 6:13 am

    That extreme selfie was awesome though. I’m glad they made it out alive.

  2. Sunday

    November 3, 2014 at 10:10 am

    By and large, taking selfies that would affect one’s integrity and reputation should be avoided. Agreed, some selfies mentioned here affects reputation and must be avoided!
    Comment shared in as well

  3. Dennis

    November 3, 2014 at 2:43 pm

    LOL! Disaster selfie ftw…

  4. Top Seo myths

    November 4, 2014 at 5:06 pm

    What I Hate the most are the toilet selfies + shirtless one X’) makes me wanna cry :( of Laughing XD

  5. Raja Mia

    December 22, 2014 at 5:20 pm

    You have completed a blogger friendly and helpful work in this post, too many bloggers write nice content but they write only nice content, not helpful and learnable.

    Thanks for sharing your opinion.

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Tips for Parents Raising Kids in a Digital World



Raising kids in a digital world is as much of a curse as it is a blessing. Namely, they have the means to learn, grow and entertain themselves, which helps them become more independent early on- Then again, they also grow more and more alienated from the environment. Furthermore, you have no control over what kind of content they’re exposed to and, frankly, with the ever-growing trend of VR, chances are that they might soon be in danger of having a hard time telling the difference between the real and virtual world. Having said that, parents need to be extra careful and take some additional steps of precaution.

1.      Encourage playtime

The first mistake that parents often make is trying to force their kids to play outside or go on playdates. Prohibiting, forbidding and ordering your kids around seldom does the trick. If anything, it will make them enjoy less and even openly defy you. Instead, you need to encourage playtime by coming up with fun activities, organizing playdates that they really want and giving them a reason to go outside. In other words, you merely need to help them develop intrinsic motivation and they will look forward to this playtime in the real world.

2.      Use parental control

In the previous section, we might have gone too hard on the technology and digital environment but these tools and tech trends are a part of the reality that we live in. This means that you’re doing your kids a disservice by pretending like they don’t exist. Instead, you need to guide them by gradually introducing them into this world and the easiest way to achieve this is to introduce some parental control on the device they’re using. Some devices like iPhone have a parental control in form of iPhone restrictions that are so sophisticated that it may help you give your child the ultimate kid-friendly smartphone experience.

3.      Screen time shouldn’t be alone time

Not all content is necessarily bad for your kids when you put it into proper context, which is why you need to ensure that not all screen time is alone time for your kids. Some parents just allow their kids to play with tablets, smartphones and computers, seeing as how this is a (physically) safe activity for them. In other words, they can just leave their kids to the care of these devices and go on about their own business. In parenthood, and in life in general, the easy way out is seldom the right thing to do.

4.      Set a good example

The most important thing of all is that you are a good role model for your kids. To achieve this, you need to set a good example by showing restraint when it comes to the use of these devices. Kids often try to reflect the behavior of their parents, so if they see you looking at the screen all the time or trying to take a picture of everything they do, they might start doing the same. In other words, don’t set any rules or expectations that you yourself can’t fulfill.

5.      Tech-free zones

The last thing you can do is try to gamify this experience by creating tech-free zones for your children whenever and wherever you can. For instance, instead of getting a huge flat-screen TV to serve as the focal point of your living room, you could make it into a tech-free zone. We already talked about the fact that forbidding things to your kids might backfire and give an adverse result. However, by creating a tech-free zone, you’ll make the execution of this rule into something passive and easy to uphold. Your kids will come to accept this as a way of life, instead of seeing it as a stern rule, especially since it doesn’t apply just to them but is something that everyone must uphold.


Raising kids was never easy, to begin with. However, now you’re facing more and more challenges than ever before. However, the end result is always more than worth it and, as a parent, it’s your duty and your obligation to do all that’s in your power in order to help your kids grow into decent and functional human beings. For that reason alone, you shouldn’t be too eager to prevent them from using even those trends that you personally dislike.

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Nigeria recorded low spam calls, messages in 2018: Report




The top 20 Countries  affected by spam calls in 2018 released by truecaller
Truecaller claimed to have helped users block and identify 17.7 billion spam calls including the identity of 74.1 billion calls.

Nigeria ranked among markets that experienced low spam calls and unsolicited messages in 2018 according to a report analysis breakdown by Guardian Nigeria, a research conducted by Truecaller has revealed. Unlike in 2017, where Nigeria ranked ninth behind India, USA, Brazil, Chile, South Africa, Mexico, Turkey, and Peru respectively in the world’s top 20 list, the country dropped out of the list last year.

Photo credit: Truecaller

The Truecaller 2017 report put the average spam calls/messages an average Nigerian gets in a month at 10.2 percent.

In the 2018 report obtained by The Guardian, Truecaller found that there are common categories that tie all the spam calls together. They include operator, debt collection, bank, political, health, spam, telemarketing, financial service, scam and insurance.

It explained that the regions span across the world, and even some countries that are on the same continent differ drastically in what type of spam call they receive. Truecaller is a product of Swedish company, True Software Scandinavia AB. It is a mobile app developed to find mobile number details globally given a telephone number either using the app or their synced contacts, and has an integrated caller ID service to achieve call-blocking functionality and social media integration to keep the phonebook up-to-date with pictures and birthdays.

In 2018 alone, Truecaller claimed to have helped users block and identify 17.7 billion spam calls including the identity of 74.1 billion calls. This means that close to every fourth call that the app users receive are spam calls.Compared to 2017, Truecaller said fewer African markets are in the top 20 list: Kenya, Morocco, Egypt, and Nigeria. South Africa is the only country in the list – as a matter of fact the amount of spam calls increased from 15 to 21 spam calls/months – that is a 40 per cent increase!

According to a telecoms expert, Kehinde Aluko, the drop in spam calls and messages could be linked to subscribers’ activations of the Nigerian Communications Commission (NCC’s) recently introduced Do-Not-Disturb (DND) codes.

NCC had urged subscribers, who are tired of unsolicited text messages and calls to text “Stop” to “2442” or “Help” to “2442” for options.The Guardian gathered that over 12 million subscribers had as at November 2018, activated the code and blocked unwanted messages and calls.

In the 2018 list, Brazil surprisingly took over from India as the most spammed country in the world, with the average Truecaller user receiving 37.5 spam calls per month. This means that Brazil saw an 81 per cent increase in spam calls last year.

The firm cited new markets entered the list including Spain, Canada, Costa Rica, Poland, Dominican Republic, and Israel, adding that there was a big increase of spam calls in European markets like Spain (100%), Greece (54.1%) and Italy (22.7 %.) However, Turkey has seen a decrease of spam calls (18 %.)
Furthermore, Truecaller revealed that a lot of Latin American countries entered the top spam list, and they are seeing the biggest increase of spam calls. Costa Rica was ranked top as country that has seen the highest increase in terms of percentage (330 %.)

Digging deeper into the bigger markets, Truecaller found common categories that tie all these spam calls together. The biggest pattern discovered was that operators across the world are the biggest spammers.“We could also see that telemarketing calls from financial services, debt collectors and insurance related matters are spamming our users globally. Others are political, health, scam, financial service, telemarketing, among others,” the Swedish firm stated.

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Google Is About To Fix Terrible Lag Issues On Chrome OS Tablets




So many complaints have been made by users about the Pixel state performance especially when the device is in tablet mode and Users also claim they encounter lagging issues  while in the said mode, apart from having a janky experience overall.

According to report, It seems Google is now aware of the issue, at least. Since the Pixel Slate’s sluggish and stuttery user interface is becoming a deal breaker for most consumers, Google is reportedly planning to roll out an update that will improve the performance of its flagship tablet.

Chrome Unboxed has uncovered that Google aims to address performance problems present on the Pixel Slate, particularly issues with lag. What’s more, the fix might actually be a simple one.

Pixel Slate Lag Issues

For sometimes, Many Developers have noticed that much of the performance issues stems from the performance-intensive way the tablet draws rounded corners, and they especially persist when dragging down to reveal the overview mode.

“A lot of animation jank seems to be coming from the use of Mask Layers to create rounded corners. This combined with background blur adds a lot of additional steps in the paint/rendering pipeline,” according per the bug’s description.

When rounded corners are disabled, the performance allegedly improves, even on the Celeron-based Pixel Slate, which is the entry-level model of the lineup.

“The performance (fps increase) and memory improvement (tiles don’t get discarded and we actually see the content) is quite significant on Nocturne Celeron when rounded corners are removed.”

Of course, turning off rounded corners likely won’t solve every lag and performance issue present on the device, but it’s an easy and uncomplicated start, and should significantly increase performance for users who enter overview mode on a regular basis.

When Will Google Release This Fix?

As to when Google plans to release the fix is another story. The company has labeled the bug as high priority, at least, but bear in mind that the discussion dates back to November 2018, which suggests a solution might not be around the corner. Also, Google hasn’t formally acknowledged the Pixel Slate’s performance issues, making it harder to predict if and when the fix is coming.

That’s quite unfortunate since a number of reviewers liken the Pixel Slate as a successful attempt from Google to reinvigorate the tablet landscape, apart from being a worthy competitor to the Apple iPad. Clearly, Google has quite a room for improvement on the software side of things — and definitely on the hardware as well.

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