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Self-Balancing Technology 101



The most important thing about Segway vehicles is that every new version comes equipped with better and better self-balancing technology. A lot of people use Segway on a daily basis for both work and personal urban commute, but they lack even the basic knowledge on how is it all possible. Now, concept on which this technology is based is not that new, but its application and improvements most definitely are. Because of that, here are some elementary things you should know about self-balancing.

Gyroscope is the Key

As we already mentioned, the basic concept of self-balancing is quite old, in fact as old as classical Greece, Rome, and China. These cultures, as well as modern Segway achieved this amazing balance with a cunning device known as gyroscope. However, this actually raises more questions than it actually answers: like what is a gyroscope. To put it simply, this device is a spinning wheel or disc in which the axis of rotation is completely free to assume any random orientation. Because of that the very orientation of this axis is unaffected by tilting of any kind, making gyroscope as whole always in balance.

Not On Its Own

Another thing you need to know about self-balancing scooter such as this, is that the aforementioned gyroscope is not on its own enough to keep you always in balance. Unfortunately, although you won’t have to exhaust your body by walking or cycling, it still takes a lot of core strength to keep your alignment straight. On the plus side, this also means that it is an exercise of sort and was in some cases proven to be quite beneficial for the strength of your abs and lower back. Like with anything else, the more you do this, the better at it will you become.

More Interest, Better Segway

Now, what we did so far was described some basic principles on which self-balancing works, however things are much more complicated than that. In any line of work, as soon as something reaches the pinnacle of its popularity, its researches get more funding, which in the end results in the improved product. First glimpse of that could have been seen with new hover boards which for the first time in history came without handle bars. Whoever thinks a thing like this was possible just a decade ago, is quite mistaken.


Not Only about Cool Looks

Finally, there are those who believe that the only purpose of self-balancing boards is to look good. However, this attitude is as wrong as it gets. First of all, how far you can walk is determined by your stamina, which differs from person to person. In one charging, Segway can cross up to 24 miles in just two hours (the fastest Segway). Sure, a person could probably achieve similar feat, but the state he or she would be after a ride and after a run of this kind are simply incomparable. Add to this fact that you only need to charge it for 8 hours (which means you can do it overnight) and you would be able to use it for most of your daily commutes.

Like many other things, gyroscope existed for centuries (and even millennia) before the Segway. However, the existence of a thing alone bears not much of a significance if the application of the technology is absent. As you can see, the legacy of the thinkers of old is very much alive and kicking in this revolutionary notion of self-balancing board as ultimate means of urban commute.

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