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Why Search Engines Like Smart PR Campaigns



As the Internet is intensively diversifying, digital requirements necessary for becoming a recognized business on the web are also becoming harsher than ever before. The predominant trend in the search engine optimization niche over the last few years has been insisting on genuine content, instead of generic posts. The driving force behind this agenda is Google. Driven by the subtle demands of its users, Google started penalizing websites that boost their rankings in an artificial way and supporting the ones that build their reputation through smartly crafted, original PR campaigns.


Unique work of PR teams

The times when link builders were the masterminds of search engine optimization are behind us. Although they still have an important role in this branch, the optimization story these days revolves around one-of-a-kind content features. If you want your website to dodge the rage and fury of Google, your marketing team has to come up with some truly amusing, relevant and all-inclusive content. When a business owner wants to rise to prominence in the digital world today, they need to hire serious PR companies whose teams of copywriters and visual artists will present their business in a unique way.


Social media virality

No digital campaign can yield great results without social media. Their impact on our lives has become incredibly important. Moreover, with the growth in the smartphone market, we can say that nowadays billions of people use social media on a daily level. It is clear that businesses have to approach their target audiences in a smart way. Because of that, digital campaigns these days have to function as all-round processes that include as many media types as possible. This is why the profession of marketers is coming closer to PR experts. They need to learn how to devise full-scale campaigns that will mobilize Internet users to become loyal users of certain products. In accordance with all these arguments, social media can make your business go viral over night, given that your marketing team utilizes some old-school PR tactics, as well as and new digital trends. Of course, popularity in social media will put your business high in search engine results. On the other hand, no feedback from social media users usually leads to business demise.


Raised brand awareness

What PR strategists know much better than digital marketers is that relevant and well-directed content will find a way to its target audience in every single medium. Therefore, people who want to boost lead generation on the web should not neglect traditional media. Although the Internet has become incredibly important in the world of marketing, you should never underestimate the importance of television. For instance, an Internet user sees an amusing and clever commercial on TV and decides to search for the given brand on the web. If PR-experts have done their share of work properly in all the channels, the brand will acquire a loyal customer. Read more about cross-channel campaigns here.


The end goals of both digital marketing campaigns and PR campaigns usually overlap – the point is to raise brand awareness and attract people to start believing a brand and using its products. Marketers who use PR-strategies and PR-pros who understand online marketing can drive every business to better business results.

It is clear that modern marketing has to be a synthesis of different media, channels and marketers. Since the boundaries between public relations and digital marketing are getting blurred, it is important to integrate these two fields and take the best of both worlds. When Internet users are satisfied with smartly devised marketing campaigns, search engines will have even more benefits. This is why such joint efforts of PR-teams and digital marketers yield positive result for all the interested parties.

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