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How to Save and Use Google Maps Offline on iPhone and Android Phone

Segun Balogun



Google Maps is a desktop and mobile web mapping service application and technology provided by Google, offering satellite imagery, street maps, and Street View perspectives, as well as functions such as a route planner for traveling by foot, car, bicycle (beta test), or with public transportation. Also supported are maps embedded on third-party websites via the Google Maps API, and a locator for urban businesses and other organizations in numerous countries around the world.
If you have access to internet, then you can use Google maps anywhere in the world. Google Maps is available on Android and iOS powered devices including iPhone.
The good thing about is , If you have it installed on your device then you should not have any problem in finding your way to destination or you miss a road because its gona guide you back to your home.
As I said earlier, you need an active internet connection as Google maps completely depends on your mobiles data connection to display maps and navigation task.
What if you don’t have access to internet or if your internet connection is very slow. You simply can’t access Google maps or with a slow internet connection it will take lots of time for loading.
However, with the new Google maps update you don’t need to worry about your internet connectivity anymore as you can download and save Google maps for offline use on your mobile in advance.
With the new Google map’s Offline mode you can now save specific areas/location of a map onto to your mobile or other device.
In this tutorial i will show you on how to save Google Maps for offline use on Android and iOS

How to Save Google Maps Offline on Android and iPhone/iOS

Note : before proceeding with these steps, please make sure that you have updated your Google maps to the latest available version (Download Version 8.0 for Android and Download Version 3.0 for iOS )

Step 1: Open Google maps on your device
Step 2: Then Search the map and find place of which you want to save for offline use
Step 3: once you are done, tap on profile icon (beside search bar)

Step 4: Next, Scroll down and find ”Save map to use offline” and tap on it

Step 5: Now here you have option to either Zoom in to the map section you wish to save or save the entire area

Step 6
: To save this map tap on Save at the bottom of the page
Step 7: Next, give a name to your location and click on save
That’s all! You have successfully save the map of a specific area for offline use. This can be very useful when you are traveling to different states, which has poor network or no internet connection at all.
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