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How to Know If your Samsung Galaxy Phone is Genuine or Fake

Segun Balogun



As you already know that Samsung  galaxy phones runs on Android..
In some country e.g Nigeria, the rate at which people buy fake phones have increased..Some phone manufacturers take advantage of this by creating knock-offs of more popular devices. Some  companies have succeeded by luring  consumers into buying their fake phones at a very low price.  In today’s tutorial , I’m going to explain  ways in which you can  identify a fake or cloned Samsung Galaxy device.

Distinguish a Fake Galaxy Phone from a Real One by Performing a Physical Check-up

Whether you are using a Samsung Galaxy Note 4, Note 3, S5 or S4, there are some ways in which you can perform some little physical checkup in other to differentiate if it’s real or fake . please take note that if the device in question has any of the signs below, chances are, that device is fake..


6 things to examine when Performing a Physical Check-up


1. Check on the screen’s brightness and vibrancy. Samsung’s AMOLED screen sports vibrant and lively colors on-screen. Fake devices show dull colors.

2.Check the space from the screen to the edge. Cloned phones have a wide gap from the edge of the screen to the edge of the phone.

3.Run your fingers through the Samsung logo on the front screen. You can feel the Samsung logo on fake products. The name can be easily chipped off, too.

4.Check the hard buttons. Home buttons and volume buttons have abnormal gaps on the fake Galaxy phones.

5.Check the phone sensors. Some sensors are missing or misplaced on Galaxy replicas.

6.Check the screen’s glass material. Run your fingers through the screen. If it feels like plastic more than glass, then the device is bogus.

Know a Cloned Galaxy Phone Through Its Performance

Sometimes it is very hard to recognized a  fake Galaxy phones.. they  are so convincing that one can hardly see any physical differences from the real product. However, i will advice you to put  to  performance tests, phony devices will drag down. Try these tests:

1.Multi-task which i belief  originate from the computer engineering industry  is the apparent performance by an individual of handling more than one task at the same time. it is done by opening multiple applications. Play music in the background while opening other applications. Do not close applications. Instead, press the Home button and open other applications. Fake phones will either run slow or hang.

Samsung Galaxy Phone is Genuine

2. Test the camera. You can take multiple pictures and try to take note the speed of how pictures were taken. Knock-offs will drag down. Photo quality of fake Galaxy phones are not good at all.


3. Most high-end Galaxy phones can take pictures while recording a video. fake Samsung galaxy  do not have the function.

Samsung Galaxy Phone is Genuine or fake

Use an Application to Identify a Real Galaxy Phone

The most reliable app to identify a real galaxy phone is by using Samsung kies.. Samsung Kies is a freeware software application used to communicate between Windows or Macintosh operating systems, and more recently manufactured Samsung mobile phone and tablet computer devices, usually using a USB cable connection.. Samsung Kies will scan your device and display important information about it. To use Samsung Kies to identify your phone, follow these steps:

1.Download and install Samsung Kies on your PC.

download-Samsung-Kies-techcribng2. Using a USB connector cable, connect your phone to your computer.


3. Wait for Kies to display your device’s name and the firmware information of your phone. This is a sign that the phone is genuine.

Samsung Galaxy Phone is Genuine

4. If the device is not recognized, connect it again. If Kies still does not recognize your device, chances are the phone is not a real Galaxy phone.

Use Samsung Codes to Know a Real Galaxy Phone

one of the most popular practices amongst software developers is to leave ‘backdoor s’ within the code, which essentially allow anyone with knowledge to get into the system at a much deeper level than you’d expect from an end-user. Samsung have a good share of these as well, where they’re generally known as secret codes.  You just simply input the codes in your dialer app and your phone should respond to it. If the phone does not show any response, then the Galaxy device you are holding is an imitation. These are the most common Samsung codes:

  • *#06# [Displays device IMEI number]
    *#1234# [Displays device current firmware]
    *#*#1472365#*#* [GPS test settings]
    *#*#197328640#*#* [Service mode main menu]
    *#*#4636#*#* [Diagnostic and general settings mode]
    *#0*# [General Test Mode]
    *#0228# [ADC Reading]
    *#0283# [Audio Loopback Control]
    *#0289# [Melody Test Mode]
    *#03# [NAND Flash S/N]
    *#0588# [Proximity Sensor Test Mode]
    *#0589# [Light Sensor Test Mode]
    *#0673# [Audio Test Mode]
    *#07# [Test History]
    *#0782# [Real Time Clock Test]
    *#0842# [Vibra Motor Test Mode]
    *#12580*369# [SW & HW Info]
    *#1575# [GPS Control Menu]
    *#2263# [RF Band Selection]
    *#232331# [Bluetooth Test Mode]
    *#232337# [Bluetooth Address]
    *#232338# [WLAN MAC Address]
    *#232339# [WLAN Test Mode]
    *#2663# [TSP / TSK firmware update]



The above step we guide you whenever you want to buy a smartphone like Samsung galaxy,… Any suggestion,  comment , or more tips and guide on this , feel free by using our comment box below.

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Tecno i7 will sweep you off your feet

Segun Balogun



Tecno i7 will sweep you off your feet

Ever wondered why some Chinese companies are able to give you a smartphone loaded with high end specs and decent build quality, at a price way less than what world famous brands do? Chinese smartphones are often cheaper because  they don’t have  the same overheads as brands that have physical stores. Did you see the announcement of the Galaxy S6? Have you heard of the contract Robert Downey Jr signed last year with HTC? Or that Sony wants to promote the Xperia Z5 in a new James Bond film? These things cost a fortune. A fortune that you, the customer, end up paying. Tecno must have fallen on your ear. Browse, where you can find an affordable Tecno smartphone in your city. So check this Tecno i7 to see whether, it really stands a chance in the already overcrowded african smartphone market?  




The Tecno I7 is a modern looking gadget,  that is very similar to  other smartphones in  the market. On the right side  are the power  and volume buttons. Tecno has given the power key a textured finish, which helps distinguish it from the volume keys just by feel.While, the front side looks expensive, the rear panel, looks borrowed, this is where i7 loses points is in terms of originality.  


Tecno i7 will sweep you off your feet

Tecno i7 comes with 5-inch HD IPS display with a resolution of 1080×1920 pixels, which gives bright  and decent colors while watching movies, youtube or web browsing. You can also regulate the brightness manually or choose automatic adjustment option.  

Hardwear and softwear

Tecno i7 will sweep you off your feet

The I7 runs a heavily skinned version of Android called Hi OS and powered by a 1.3 GHz  MediaTek processor paired up  with 4GB of RAM. The smartphone has 32GB of internal memory along with a duo SIM card slot as well, wish you expand  the memory storage. It supports 3G, 4G and other connectivity options include Wi-Fi and Bluetooth. Fingerprint sensor is accurate and responsive.  


Tecno i7 will sweep you off your feet

The front camera has  a resolution of 13 megapixels paired with with a Quad LED flash. It offers good colour and fast shutter speed.The  camera is snappy and gives  you easy access  to some of the options right from the main screen. You can swipe to switch from photo capturing mode to video mode, as well as change to  other modes like Beauty and Panorama. Unfortunately,  the front 16 MP  camera with Front LED flash promises  a lot on paper, but fails to deliver.


Tecno i7 battery

One the strongest points of the Tecno i7 is its battery. The smartphone equipped  with a 4,000mAh battery  that supports fast charging. The Rocket Charge will get you 80% charge within 70  minutes.

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Why You Still Need An MP3 Player

Segun Balogun



Only five or ten years ago MP3 players were the most popular devices for listening to music, but as mobile phones became more and more advanced, MP3 players started to lose their popularity. However, there are still plenty of reasons to choose an MP3 player over a music app in your smartphone. You can buy MP3 players and lots of other electronics in Nigeria at unbelievably low prices by simply following this link:

Low cost gadget

Even the latest MP3 player model is still cheaper than a mid-range smartphone, so if you often break or lose your device, an MP3 player can become your low-risk investment. For example, it may turn out that replacing the screen on your iPhone costs as much as a new iPod, so dropping your device on the ground can have different consequences depending on which gadget you prefer.
jiji mp3 player 2

Take the most out of your music collection

Most music fans have huge collections of MP3 files on their computer – they can be downloaded from the Internet or converted from music CDs. An MP3 player becomes the most suitable device for playing these files. Modern smartphones are mostly designed for using music apps and subscription services, while transferring and organizing MP3 files on your phone can turn out to be quite tricky. An MP3 player will let you effortlessly select music by artist, album or track title, or even release year. And don’t forget the super convenient playlist feature!
jiji mp3 player 3

Perfect for active lifestyle

Keeping fit and leading an adventurous life are today’s biggest trends, and music is an essential component of active lifestyle. No matter what you’re into – running, going into the gym, hiking, cycling, or climbing – an MP3 player is a much lighter and smaller device than your mobile phone, which means it’s much more convenient to carry around. Plus, many MP3 players like the iPod Shuffle have special clips, so you don’t have to keep them in your pocket.
jiji mp3 player 4

Save battery life

One of the biggest problems of smartphone users is the battery that dies in the middle of the day even when you’re not actively using the phone. Obviously, listening to music for hours has an even more drastic effect on the battery life. MP3 players, however, are known for lasting for days while playing music non-stop. That way you can take the pressure off your phone’s battery while enjoying your favorite tunes wherever you are without worrying about the battery life of your devices.

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Mobile app to curb vandalism, power theft Launched in Nigeria

Segun Balogun



In a bid to curb the disturbing nuisances that stem from criminality in our society, Web Asset Limited, a Lagos-based technology company, has launched an interactive crime reporting system tagged ‘Hawk Eye’.

Hawk Eye is a mobile app that uses an innovative technology to checkmate crime in Nigeria.

The launch which took place in Abuja, was a beta launch piloted by Mr. Kayode Aladesuyi, chairman Web Asset Ltd., and developer of the Hawk Eye app.

The pilot launch was aimed at demonstrating how the app could be useful in finding a solution to the menace of utility and energy theft plaguing the electricity sector.

The demonstration highlighted the distinctive features of the app like the ability to select crime types, capture and send videos, images or text messages of the crime and direct these to appropriate security authorities for immediate action.

He added that the system offers a crime management platform with a robust command and control centre dashboard to display location of crime scenes and the nearest officers to respond to the reported crime.

The Hawk Eye system is the first national crime reporting system in the country and is one of the ways in which the public can lend its support to reinforce the governments’ unrelenting efforts in safeguarding lives and properties across the country.

Mr. Aladesuyi, explained that beyond reporting utility theft for the energy sector, the app had been developed with the potential to work with different security agencies and institutions in the country and deal with crime at all levels from kidnapping, vandalism, civil unrest, terrorism, extortion, etc.

He said: “We are always looking for better and more contemporary ways of safeguarding lives and private properties, including public utilities. The app which is a niche crime reporting app, will address the infrastructural gap in the area of emergency response system through internet-enabled mobile phones. The app also provides an alternative, fast and easy way of tackling security issues with exposure to lesser risks.”

“Hawk Eye enables officers in the field to receive dispatched incidents and option to file reports in real-time even while in remote locations. Through its unique offering of Global Announcement feature, the app allows communication with different communities on national emergencies, most wanted persons, among other emergencies. In addition, Hawk Eye provides a FindMe feature for users to notify Rapid Response units or family members in the event of kidnapping incidents,” he said.
Ernest Mupwaya, managing director of Abuja Electricity Distribution Company (AEDC), in his remarks said, “Energy theft is crippling the revenues of electricity distribution companies and impacting negatively on growth.” He explained that the distance and communication gaps were hindrances to checking criminal activities in the sector, adding that the app, as a security enabler would bridge these gaps.
Download Hawkeye on Google Play store By searching for Hawkeye Nigeria or click the Link below

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