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How to Run Temple Run 1 and 2 On PC

Segun Balogun



Although they are a lot of games in the world, buh i still have the believe that Temple Run is the most interesting running game ever that i love so much! It is has been named as the top android game in Nigeria and the world entirely of all time. Though you can find this game in almost all android devices, the official PC version of the game has not been released yet . So for those who want to play Temple Run 1 and 2 on PC ,this tutorial will help you. To run Temple Run on PC we need a top android emulator called BlueStacks.


1. Bluestacks

2. Temple Run 1 Apk.


1.As i said earlier to runTemple Run1 & 2 on PC , we need Bluestackson your PC running so download and install Bluestacks on your PC.

Note: Bluestacks need graphics card on your PC also download the latest version of BlueStacks.


2. Download the Apkfor Temple Run 1 &2 From the link given above.

3.To install the Apk in to the Bluestacks just click on the Apk file one by one.

4.Wait for just a few seconds for the Apk to get install.

5.Now you will see the icon of Temple Run 1 & 2 on your Bluestacks dashboard.

6. Just click on the icon to start playing.


Temple Run 1


Temple Run 2

temple run -techcribng

Enjoy playing Temple Run on PC.

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