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How To Remove Title or Last Name From Facebook

Segun Balogun



Everybody knows that Facebook is the No 1 social website in the world and the second top site in the world according to the latest Alexa Ranking.. Its has further extended its limits and popularity by buying Whatsapp and Occulus VR..
The world population is increasing and even the social website population.. Facebook , Twitter And Google plus(+) are regarded as the top three social website in the world , so the level of cyber tricks is increasing.
One of the such tricks is “How to remove title or last name from Facebook Profile” .
Since facebook is for adding friends and connecting with loves ones , it does not allow the use single name and there are many people who don’t like their title and feel awkward to add it to their profile name.
Today , i will be teaching the new facebook trick , i like to call SINGLE NAME TRICK

I control over Six facebook group , and i was made an Administrator on an Indonesia group..
I noticed that most users on this indonesia group , just use a single name but i later discover that Indonesia is a country where most of the people doesn’t have titles and are allowed to use Single Profile Name. That is where our trick lies.

Now what we need to do is to fool Facebook and make them believe that we are also an Indonesian user.
I will tell you how to certify yourself as an Indonesian user by a simple trick.

*.A good internet connection
*.Mozilla Firefox
*.An Indonesian IP
1.Open your Mozilla Firefox
2.Then, Go to Tools>>Options

3. Go to ” Advanced Tab” then select”Network

4. Then open”Connection Settings” and select”Manual Proxy Configuration“.
Either use this IP : Port :8080 or click HERE

5.Open Facebook


Note : you can use different IP address, if Facebook does not open.
6. Go to” Account Settings “and change your Language to” Bahasa Indonesia


7.Click on” Name “,simply remove your” Title/ Last Name“, ” Enter Your Password“and click on Save.

8. Change your”Language”back to”English”.
If You face any problem or you have any question please let us know in comments……

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