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Pokémon GO Battery Saving Tips



In a modern world most of the people addict to play the Pokémon go games because it is create the monster based on your location. There are more than thousands monsters are available in the Pokémon go games so people are searching the best location to find the monster. So they are roaming around the place to catch the different king of monster. But while playing the Pokémon go games people might notice their mobile batteries are drained quickly. If you are phone is fully charged then people can play this Pokémon go games for less than three hours. So one of the research says even the iPhone also people can play this games for three hours. So this game taking more battery power to play the games so people can use the some of the way to increase the battery life while playing the Pokémon go games.

A complete guide for the Pokémon Go battery saving

It is really difficult while monitoring the battery level and put it in a charge while playing the games but here some of the tips are there to extend the battery life of your Smartphone like


  • One of the best and easiest ways to save your phone battery is adjusting the brightness of your mobile screen. If you want to extend your battery life then you have to put your screen brightness in dimmest visible setting.
  • One of the researches says putting the phone in dimmest brightness is increase the battery life for more than three hours when compared to the normal one.
  • Capture the Pokémon in an AR mode, training at gyms and visiting poke stops are drain your battery instantly when compared to the checking your pokedex and simply walking around you.
  • So capture only the new Pokémon unless you want the evolution remains for the particular species. If you have a well stocked items then skip the poke stop level during the Pokémon go game travel. Try to choose the capture Pokémon without using the AR mode.
  • Try to avoid the gyms unless the level is focused on the battling or training. So if you are minimize the battery actions then it is really helpful to avoid the battery drain in your Smartphone.
  • Play the Pokémon go game with background music might be enjoyable whenever you got the medal. At the same time playing the games without sound may be make this game boring and it is reduce your speed.
  • Actually reduce the sound is the best way to avoid the battery drain problem but playing sound distracting and players have the different perspectives to play the Pokémon go games.
  • Closing the unnecessary app which are running on the background is one of the best way to saving your battery life. For example you are not using the app at this time point of time but it still running on your mobile background. So before going to play the Pokémon go games then try to close the non essential app.
  • If you are playing the Pokémon Go plus then it is requires the Bluetooth Sync with your mobile. But turn off the Bluetooth because it is also drain your battery life and whenever you need to Bluetooth access then turn it on again.
  • If you are using only the mobile data for Pokémon go playing then turn off the WIFI because both mobile data and WIFI is on then rapidly drain your battery level. So turn off the WIFI which is really save the battery level up to ten percent.
  • In case you are use the mobile then play the games in an airplane mode and in the airplane mode you can’t enable the WIFI and Bluetooth option. This is the best way to save the battery life for the daily basis. At the same time people can quickly turn off the airplane mode and try to play the Pokémon go game in airplane mode which is really helpful to save your battery life.

How to save your battery with the help of power bank

According to this site power bank is one of the best options for playing the Pokémon go games without interruption because it is really helpful to charge your phones instantly. There are plenty types of power banks are available in online but choosing the best on are the difficult task. If you are looking for the power bank especially to play the Pokémon go game then you have to select the unique power bank which is use for the outdoor use. At the same time while buying the power bank you have to check the capacity, weight, size and price. You can’t buy a heavy weight power bank for playing the Pokémon go game because you are roaming around the place to search the Pokémon. When you buy the heavy weight power bank then it is difficult to carry the power bank along with you. So always choose the light weight power bank and you can also search it online to get the perfect power bank to instant charge while playing the Pokémon go games. You can also follow the some tips to save your battery life while playing the Pokémon go games or else buy the amazing power bank to increase the battery life. So play the unlimited Pokémon go games with the help of the power bank.

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1 Comment

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    September 25, 2016 at 12:03 pm

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