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Networking and IT Surroundings



Today the word network is mostly applied in the information technology lingo, but the real origins of this term derive from social studies and connecting people in the most general sense. When you meet a new person, you are in the process of networking. Every new contact that you establish, no matter if it is a personal or a business one, actually represents an act of networking. We could never make such an industrial and technological development on the last two hundred years if there has not been networking.
Nowadays, networking is mostly done and discussed in the context of the field of information technology. Let’s see how these two things are connected and how to get the best out of networking on the Internet.

Networking and IT Surroundings

Easy to get in touch with people

Thanks to the speeds at which the Internet functions and at which people from all over the world are surfing it, it is very easy to find new people and establish a contact. Just compare the power (i.e. weakness) of a landline telephone and the fast communication pace of the e-mail or social media. In the IT surroundings, networking is almost the supreme term. Without people getting connected, the whole concept of the Internet would be less successful. Although networking is older than the Internet, this global web has actually given it a different drive and enhancednetworking inthe virtual world.

The power of online socializing

Networking and socializing have always been two very close terms. Becoming a member of a society means that you develop and build your own network of people. These multiple networks get intertwined and that is how we all develop friendships, meet new people and even find better jobs through networking.

With the advent of social media, the whole process accelerated in an unprecedented way and now we can connect with people from the whole world. By creating an account on online social groups, the whole world becomes a common place. As we search these groups, we come across various interesting people and the way the present themselves on their profiles actually saves our time for getting to know them. As Foo Fighters would put it, we get the best of them. So, networking as the process of getting to know people has advanced a lot since it has been transferred to the virtual zone.

Networking and IT Surroundings


Business connections and IT networking

Thanks to the whole concept of being globally connected, today you can do business with people from every single Internet-covered corner of the world. Sites such as LinkedIn enable us to create our business profiles and connect with people from all over the world in order to improve our business habits. For instance, you can have your site made and maintained by providers from anywhere. You can hire a cloud service provider from Paris and opt for networked services Brisbane-based professionals. The immense number of possibilities for everyone to succeed in business is the greatest benefit from the relation between networking and information technology.

The world is getting even faster and it is already too fast for many people. However, if you want to work on yourself and get better jobs or develop your private entrepreneurship, you have to get active in the Internet networking. Those who are not online will soon fall behind.


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