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Mobile SEO – Buzz Phrase for 2016



The face of the Internet is changing on an hourly basis, as a result of the unprecedented growth in the smartphone market. Supported by millions of applications and growing speeds of mobile Internet connections, new smartphones are taking a bigger and bigger share of the overall Internet market. The advent of those devices is introducing major changes in the way websites and search engines function, as well. It is expected that 2016 will see an unparalleled expansion of mobile SEO. Here are a few tips on how to get ready for the new SEO era.


Starting from traditional SEO

Although mobile devices will demand significant adjustments and even completely new approaches to website design and optimization, mobile SEO will still depend on traditional optimization. You can have the best responsive design strategy in the world and still fall behind if your core content is bad. So, before you start boosting the mobile options, make useful content for your website.


Responsive approach for modern times

While it is true that the development of smartphones and their improved options is faster than web design, web developers and designers are doing their best to keep pace. Their main task is following the innovations on the mobile market, so as to keep coming up with mobile-friendly solutions in the field of Internet browsing. While a few years ago website owners used to create special versions of their sites for mobile users, now the situation is different, thanks to responsive design. According to a study conducted by the Google Webmaster crowd, 82% of all websites used responsive design in 2015. So, it is expected that in 2016 we will witness further improvements in responsive design techniques.


In accordance with Google’s rules

When Google announced that they were going to update their algorithm in April 2015, to make it more mobile friendly, both web developers and ordinary users expected a devastating online earthquake. However, nothing pivotal happened, except for the fact that website owners actually had to adapt their sites to a new, mobile-friendly environment. Those who did nothing to apply new methods for making their sites optimized for mobiles did lose a lot of traffic. However, a large majority of people prepared for the changes on time and now their websites have more traffic, thanks to an increased number of visits from smartphones. If you are not sure how well your mobile-optimized site is doing after the update, check this SEO checker and see your traffic stats.


Web trinity – mobiles, social media, SEO

The demiurge of the first smartphone – the IBM Simon – could hardly know how strong an impact his creation will have on our lives. In the meantime, it joined the information rollercoaster, aka the Internet and then they were introduced to their online highnesses – social media. So, today web developers and website owners have to follow social media, too, because today smartphone users spend about 4.5 hours a day on their smart devices (more about it here) and most of that time is spent in social media. This is a clear sign to webmasters that social media will be crucial for traffic on their websites.


We cannot tell precisely what will happen with SEO as a whole in the future, but one thing is for sure – the next few years will be marked by a battle between smartphones and computers for the throne of the SEO realm. As it seems today, mobile SEO has better chances to become the main SEO factor in the future.


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