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15 Best Mobile Apps For Businesses

Segun Balogun



A mobile app is a computer program designed to run on smartphones, tablet computers and other mobile devices.
Apps are usually available through application distribution platforms, which began appearing in 2008 and which are typically operated by the owner of the mobile operating system, such as the Apple App Store, Google Play, Windows Phone Store, and BlackBerry App World. Some apps are free, while others must be bought. Usually, they are downloaded from the platform to a target device, such as an iPhone, BlackBerry, Android phone or Windows Phone, but sometimes they can be downloaded to laptops or desktop computers.
More and more, the world is becoming mobile. In school My colleagues and i  recently discussed the increased prevalence of doing business on our smartphones or tablets.

These devices have transformed our daily lives. While much attention is  given to the coolest consumer apps, mobile apps that help you do your job better are arguably even more important.With every day and month that passes, more of us are turning to smaller screens to get the work done. While some tools are ubiquitous across desktops and mobile devices, many aren’t so adaptable. Tina Courtney-Brown a business editor for sitepronews explained that the result is a serious need for effective, inexpensive (or free!) mobile apps that help businesses achieve the results they are after. If you need help sorting the gems from the sea of clutter, this must-have list will do the trick.

15 Best Mobile Apps For Businesses

1) Contactually – Maximizing Relationship ROI

For many of us, relationship building and word of mouth are the most powerful tools in growing our businesses. Contactually is a stellar app because it cultivates a deeper connection with key players in a seamless and effective manner. As you utilize the system, it will remind you to connect with important contacts, while providing recent social signals and conversations to give relevant and current context. Contactually also helps you identify business opportunities in your network that you might otherwise overlook. It’s an extremely powerful and useful app that some report has increased their referrals by up to 40%.

2) Workshare – Mobile Syncing and Security

With the increasingly mobile nature of our worlds, file security has become a very big issue. Using tools like Dropbox or USB sticks are convenient, but not necessary safe and secure. Enter Workshare. This app lets you easily sync sensitive files from mobile devices to desktops, giving you complete freedom to work whenever and wherever you need to, and peace of mind that your files are never in a place where they might be compromised.

3) Meeting Mapper from Point in Time

Meetings are a necessary task in nearly every organization, but making them productive and valuable is often an uphill battle. The crafty app Meeting Mapper from Point in Time helps to solve this prevalent dilemma. Meeting Mapper lets you chart the actual success and productivity of your meetings by tracking roles and opinions of all attendees, as well as enabling leaders to create action items and next steps for highlighted topics. For those using SalesForce as their CRM, Meeting Mapper Fierce integrates with the tool to greatly assist with closing new deals. Each product is highly affordable too, and made especially for iPads.

4) Asana – Teamwork on Turbo

For any company that needs to cultivate a team spirit, Asana is a truly transformative tool. This app helps to connect teams and team members in meaningful and efficient ways, emphasizing accountability through easy to manage task assignments and making prioritization a breeze. Asana is accessible via the web or through the app, and it’s aces at keeping teams small and large in a true space of collaboration and communication.

5) SignNow – The Easiest Electronic Signature Ever

Executives and business owners have to sign a heck of a lot of documents; sometimes on a daily basis. SignNow is a simple but profoundly helpful concept; it is by far the craftiest way to execute an electronic signature in a quick and secure manner. SignNow will let you sign documents while you’re on the go, or empower team members to get your signature in an instant, wherever you may be.

6) Yammer – A Social Network Just for Your Team

Teams need to collaborate, and many of them use social networks to stay connected. The problem with using tools like Google Chat and Facebook are the nearly endless stream of interruptions from the outside world. Yammer provides all the essential and convenient tools from any social network, but in a private space only accessible by your team. Whether you’re a team of 2 or 2,000, having a space to communicate and share information is priceless, and even more so when you don’t have to risk any interruptions.

7) Speaktoit – The Ideal Virtual Assistant

Mobile devices are always with you when you’re on the go, and if you download the incredible app Speaktoit so is your fabulous virtual assistant. Speaktoit will perform all kinds of handy tasks, answer questions about all manner of issues, keep you posted on upcoming events, and has loads of customization available too. Speaktoit is one of those apps that truly reminds you the future is now.

8) Shoeboxed – Simplify Expense Tracking

Keeping tabs on all your expensed receipts can be a full-on nightmare. When it comes time to tally up expenses, receipts seem to disappear into thin air. Shoeboxed is the ideal app to help keep you organized with any and all receipts. By simply snapping a photo of the receipt, you can add a note in the app and it is forever captured. This simplifies tax time and expense reporting in truly profound ways.

9) HipChat – Team Chat for Businesses

Teams are becoming increasingly virtual, and the need to communicate quickly and easily across the globe is essential. While tools like Skype and Google Hangouts have their benefits, apps like HipChat up the ante. HipChat is an instant messenger made specifically for work teams to stay in touch, so features match the needs of your employees much more coherently than a one-size-fits-all option. In my virtual world, it’s become a godsend – by far my favorite chat app.

10) Evernote – note-taking app

Evernote is a must-have note-taking app chock full of features and third-party add-on apps. You can take notes, clip web pages, store images, take audio notes, and then share them across devices and among coworkers. it is absolutely free to get….
Once you start using it, you can’t live without it.

11) Campfire is a simple, no frills group chat.

If you work with a bunch of other people (and who doesn’t?) and you aren’t always in the same room (and who is?) Campfire is a free and easy private group-chat app that you can use with your browser. It lets you share photos and files, keep a transcript, and doesn’t constantly spam you with emails.
For Android users, several third-party Campfire apps are available on Google Play.

12) CardMunch turns business cards into LinkedIn connections.

In this age of smartphones, it seems crazy that people still exchange paper business cards. But we do.

By using this business card reader for LinkedIn, created by LinkedIn, you can convert business cards to address book contacts, and add them as LinkedIn connections.


13) HootSuite -a dashboard for all your social network accounts.

If you use social media for your job, and these days, most of us do, HootSuite is your one-stop shop to manage all of your accounts. It can handle multiple Twitter and Facebook accounts, LinkedIn, Foursquare, and others.

Teams can use it to manage corporate social media accounts, too.

14) Mileage Tracker automatically tracks your reimbursable mileage.

A smartphone is the perfect device to keep track of your mileage and this app does it all. it cost just $2.99.. It can track mileage automatically by using GPS, too. It then calculates the expense. It can even track your itinerary.

15) Checkmark keeps you organized and productive.

Checkmark is a to-do-list app on steroids. It can set up reminders based on time, based on contacts, or, our personal favorite, even based on your location. it cost just $4.99.. So if your meeting takes you near the dry cleaner, it can remind you to stop in and pick up your stuff.


So there you have it – 15 amazing business apps that absolutely will make your business life easier.
What other apps have increased your productivity?

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  1. Sunday

    October 18, 2014 at 10:10 pm

    Hi Segun,
    To be frank, apart from Evernote and Hootsuite I have never used the other apps listed in this post.

    From the reviews made here, it is obvious that there are many apps out there that can help improve productivity.

    I like the features and functionality of apps like Contactually, Speaktoit and Campfire. It would be fun to try these tools out!

    Thanks for sharing what these tools can do!

    I left this piece in where this post was shared.

  2. Arlette Measures

    October 22, 2014 at 7:00 am

    InsideUp’s convenient and time-saving app can cut hours off research time for busy entrepreneurs and purchasing managers who need to find software and services that match their needs and budget.

    App users can access special deals, watch informative videos, rate and review vendors, and compare quotes. It can be downloaded at

    And here at InsideUp, we use Basecamp and Skype a lot. We’ve also used HootSuite some. I personally like Evernote, and I Checkmark sounds really useful; possibly a bit like Cortana for Windows phones.

  3. Judy Charlotte

    October 25, 2014 at 2:29 pm

    I only got HootSuite. Gotta download the others then.

  4. Naomi Dinsmore

    January 14, 2015 at 12:17 pm

    Hi Segum,

    A great and simple productivity App I use is DashLane. Is a free automated password management App.

    You sign up and create a master password. You sign in every time using only this master password then you can start saving a ton of time by not having to search for and enter passwords for your or your clients accounts.

    By not having to sign into at least 40 different accounts daily (on a bad day) this has saved me at least 1-2 hours a day. Plus because it’s automated you can use enter exceptionally difficult passwords.


  5. sherman smith

    February 12, 2015 at 6:01 pm

    Hey Segun,

    This is a great list of apps that you have here and I’m familiar with about 3 of them.

    For me, I use evernote to jot down mainly ideas for my blog. But i also use it to take notes whenever I go to an IT conference or for a webinar.

    At my job, was just started using Asana this past summer. I haven’t downloaded the app just yet, but this really helps us to stay organized with different projects. The new superintendent at my job actually introduced this to us since it worked out quite well at his last district.

    I’ve also heard of hootsuite. I mean who hasn’t if you’re into online marketing. We’re always trying to find ways to make it more convenient to syndicate our content to social media sites that we’re a member of. What better way than to use a tool to do it all at once like hootsuite. I actually didn’t know there was an app for this but since we’re in the “smartphone age” it makes more sense that there should be.

    Thanks Segun for sharing this information! Have a great weekend!

    I found this post on under the category of Mobile Apps, Mobile Marketing

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