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Microsoft Offering Chinese Employees Free Phone if They’ll Quit

Segun Balogun



Chinese Microsoft employees can call in their resignation on a free phone.

Windows-Phone-Nokia-Lumia-techcribngThe tech giant has, reports show, offered a free Lumia 630 device to employees in the Asian country if they choose to leave their job rather than forcing the company’s hand in a layoff. The move, Market Watch reported, comes as Microsoft plans to cut roughly 4,700 positions at its Nokia handset factory and research and development facility in Beijing.

Those cuts, when complete, would leave about 300 employees.

The cuts stem from Microsoft’s acquisition of Nokia. That merger meant tens of thousands of employees were inherited by Microsoft.

Financial losses have left the company reporting a profit miss and in need of cutting expenses.

Where’s an obvious cut? Employees.

Tech Crunch reported sources informed it morale at Microsoft’s Redmond, Washington headquarters remains high despite the news of the reductions. Of course, the proposed cuts would not mean knives are coming out at the company’s home base.

Things aren’t so rosy in China where some Nokia employees have held public protests over the cuts. Those employees said Microsoft had broken a promise it made when it acquired Nokia.

Microsoft, Market Watch reported, has been offering the ‘take a phone and leave your job’ deal to nearly 300 employees each day.

The phone is valued at approximately 800 yuan or $130 U.S.

Source : sitepronews

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