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mHotspot : Absolutely Free WiFi Router For Windows 7 / Windows 8

Segun Balogun



mHotspot is an absolutely free software that turns your Windows © 7 or 8 machine into a WiFi hotspot / broadcaster. It does this by sharing your LAN, Ethernet, Data Card, 3G/4G or WiFi.


You can use the application to serve up to 10 devices, using the same data connection. This will serve as ‘bad business’ for the MiFi devices already in shops. mHotspot lets lock your hotspot with a password which would be required for anyone who wishes to connect to your hotspot. You can name the hotspot what ever you feel like. No character is prohibited. You can even set the maximum number of users you want on your network. You just gotta give it a try.

There is an option to auto start the app on-boot. Also you can also set the app to automatically start broadcasting immediately you run it. There is also a blue, green, red as well as a black theme to choose from.

This is my best alternative to ‘Connectify Hotspot’ which is a paid app.


* Microsoft Dot Net Framework 3.5+

* Windows 7 / 8

Download mHotspot (744KB) (271)



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How SEO Can Help Boost Your App Marketing Results

Segun Balogun



Truce! Apple and Samsung call off patent war outside U.S.

The number of apps that populate mobile devices is growing and so is the competition to get your app amongst them. App marketing has taken off and there are a number of highly popular and much talked about ways in which you can successfully market your app, such as App Store optimization and advertising, be it through third-party mediums or on your own website.

The Google Play Store housed 2.6 million unique apps as of December 2016. Google has been busy with morphing into a platform that provides the ultimate tools to cater to every need an app has. It started off by introducing a mobile-first indexing system, with which Google’s bots will crawl your websites as a mobile user and not as a desktop user. But now, Google intends to take this further. Google is the world’s most powerful search engine and it cannot lose out on the opportunity to develop a medium to make apps appear in its search results. As a result, Google now offers apps the option to index on the search engine, which means that, from now on, search engine optimization will be an integral part of any app marketing strategy.

How does it work?

When using Google on your mobile, you could see results from the apps you have installed on your phone if you put forward a certain search query. Now, even if you don’t have a certain app installed on your phone, Google will still fetch suggestions to install apps in the results if the content they carry matches the search query. This new app indexing strategy starts working when you allow your app to be indexed by Google, much like is the case with website indexing. The different is, you would need to have a webpage corresponding to the content featured in the app.

What Google does with app indexing is, if a certain search query matched the content contained in your app, then Google can display your app in the search results and provide the option to the user to install the app. If a person clicks on the install link in the search results, it will find itself redirected to Google’s Play store where it could get that app installed in its mobile.

What does this mean for app marketing?

Whether it is app store optimization or third-party ads, no one can widen the realm of app marketing to the extent that a search ranking can. Conventional forms of app marketing were quite restricted in the sense that they existed only inside the app store domain mainly. The user would only have the visibility to the apps that were optimized on the app store’s search engines.

Google’s search engine ranking provides more relevancy and more qualified leads because it offers apps as suggestions to those people who are searching for something related to the suggested apps. Diversifying outreach and giving app marketing a boost, Google’s app indexing will bring in a lot more conversions and app installs.

How to include SEO in your app marketing strategy

SEO will have a crucial role to play in charting out a more effective app marketing strategy. To include SEO in your app marketing strategy, you would need to write content for the app that is optimized for Google search. This will help your app gain more exposure when people are using other apps through a feature called Google Now on Tap.

The Now on Tap feature is optimized to work within apps and is available on Android 6.0 Marshmallow. This new feature allows users to hold on to the home screen button when using a certain app and the content on the app’s interface will be read and analyzed, bringing back the most relevant results that could enhance the user’s experience of that certain app. For example, if you are reading a feature about an upcoming election on a news app and you activate Google Now on Tap, you can view the candidate profiles, their constituency, any other related news based on the keywords used in the original news feature. But how would this help your app gain visibility and drive more downloads?

If your app is indexed by Google, then someone using the Google Now on Tap feature in a certain app could see a suggestion to install yours as well if it is relevant to the search. These amazing new features by Google could stand to power even more installs for apps and make their discoverability far easier than was otherwise possible.

One way to optimize and take advantage of this feature would be by revamping current apps. For a new app, you would need to optimize it for Google when it is in the development stage and incorporate this step as a milestone in the app’s lifecycle stages to stand the most chance of benefiting from it. Every marketer who is in the business of promoting apps needs to understand and incorporate this strategy into the app’s marketing mix to increase the app’s chances of becoming a success story.

SOURCE : Sitepronews

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Change Your Router’s Login and Password



The sheer number of wireless router suppliers employing the IP as the default IP address for their routers isn’t minor. A very important thing is that this specific IP might be changed and it is an important part of safe-guarding the wireless network system. We generally alter this IP with the router settings panel. Basically, the IP address exists to give a unique identification for pieces of equipment inside the system. This numeric Identification is made of four divisions of numerals, separated by dots. A certain IP range where this IP address belongs is the one between up to

If you should alter the router IP address, login name or security password, create a wireless network which has a particular SSID you can certainly do this particular by writing the default router IP address in the web browser URL bar. That is practically the main use of the default wireless router IP address. In this case the IP is a default router IP address for router producers including Netgear or D-Link according to this site This is the reason why this particular IP is one of the most popular default router IPs nowadays.

What exactly is ? How you can login to the router?

The wireless router is a networking unit transferring files in between the personal computing devices and the Internet.

What else can you conduct with

Guide to the IP of if you create, you will access the entire electronic system as authoritative. With its guidance it is possible to enable Wi-Fi, repair limited networks troubles and completely control and customize the wireless router options.

The router IP and the way to find it?

As an illustration, Netgear routers apply this IP address as a router IP that can help them link a number of units to the web. Working with this, different pieces of equipment can connect to the router. To setup the router, just enter directly into your internet browser. There will probably turn up a webpage with wireless router’s info where you will be requested to create a username and a security password. If there is a panel like search engine results or another problem, that might imply the wireless router doesn’t have any connection to address or the computer does not identify the router. It is best to try out the link between your laptop or computer and wireless router. You can also examine your wireless link and see if you’ve selected the wrong wireless network.

Many different D-Link plus Netgear wireless router models use this specific IP address as a router IP address, and for this particular reason it’s wise to modify the default IP as soon as possible. And yet it is possible to change it anytime using the network router’s management control unit. The IP address is regarded as the private IP address spectrum. Home wireless routers will use it to make a default gateway. In this particular router, you have access to it to the managing control unit, directing on the by the internet browser. It doesn’t matter what is the type of the wireless router, you can use the router IP to solve various connectivity issues using this IP address or any other related IP address that is equivalent to the default gateway. Any IP, one device within the network utilizes in order to avoid IP address conflicts. It is good to understand that IP conflicts can be repaired easily, however always make sure that the new unit in the network has a unique IP address. In most cases we do not have to be concerned about it since current wireless routers take care of it correctly.

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Set Up Your Wireless Gateway and Connect Your Wireless Router



If you wish to learn more regarding logging into the Xfinity router, you are in the perfect place. You probably need to have a brief tutorial that should help save time from checking out the guide.

Why you need to sign in to your own Xfinity wireless router?

The particular motives why you must login to the router are various. You could adjust our Wi-Fi system, enhance your network security by changing the default router username and password or wireless network password, or updating the router to the newest firmware version.

They are easy to perform by yourself, and definitely will just take a few moments when compared with going through the hassle of phoning technical support and waiting right up until they send a services employees to come and get it done instead of you.

At the start we must learn more about the router alone.

What is the Xfinity Default Wireless router IP?

The default router IP for the Xfinity Router together with other wireless routers is If you fail to access the wireless router configurations page using this IP, make sure you check your router and the label on it with all the essential sign in information.

If you’re not that lucky, then take the instruction manual and search for it within the proper part.

Still avoid to take that instruction manual? OK, here’s another option available for you:

How To get the Xfinity wireless router IP address?

1. Touch the Windows button on your computer keyboard and the letter R all at once.

2. Write “cmd”, without quotations, and then push the Enter key to start the Command Prompt.

3. Write IPCONFIG and after that hit Enter once again.

4. Locate “Default Gateway” through the range of adapter info that popped up on the desktop.

5. The IP address adjacent to it is the default wireless router IP.

What Exactly Is The Default Sign in For Comcast Xfinitry Wireless routers?

Nearly all wireless routers use default router login credentials. The most common password and username combination will be “admin” for your login name, and “password” for the password.

Other entirely possible combinations are “root” and “root”, or perhaps “cusadmin” and even “highspeed”. If nothing of those do the job, you will need to check both the sticker at the wireless router or the instructions. No, no alternate alternatives now.

Log In To The Comcast Router – Or Reset?

At this stage, you most likely have the router log in information.

However, occasionally routers were utilized by past customers, so the default login details happen to be modified. If it is the case, you will have to reset the router that allows you to sign in to it using the default password.

Resetting the Comcast router step-by-step

1. Get yourself a paper clip or anything which has a slim, pointy tip, after that push it to the hidden reset button in the router for approximately 30 seconds.

2. Let go the key when the led lights at the wireless router turn off and then switch on once again.

Next attempt the sign in steps just as before.

If this still doesn’t function, then it is time to speak to your client service. I really hope these tips have been of some help to you into logging on to your Comcast Xfinity router. Being familiar with how to comfortably connect to the Comcast Xfinity router configurations page will help you deal with all minor network difficulties on your own. Who knows when you may need them for a second time.

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