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Blogging Tips

Making a Living off your Blog



Having your own website, whether it is an e-store or a blog can be quite a lucrative profession. However, like in any other line of work, for this to function, you need to make it so. Now, with the e-store things are pretty straightforward, you need to optimize the page, implement payment methods and lure people in. Unfortunately, in order for you to make a living off a blog, things tend to get a bit more complex than that. Luckily, this also means that there are far more options available. With this in mind, here are some tips and tricks that will turn your blogging hobby into a perspective career.

Affiliate marketing

Probably the most popular way of earning money in the blogosphere is through affiliate marketing. The way this works is quite simple. Your blog will lead to an online store and your will have a percentage or fixed reward for either store visit or store purchase that lead a customer through your blog. Most of these things depend on the arrangement that you make with the e-store you are doing this for. In either case, this can secure your blog a steady income without straining your efforts and resources too much.

Your own product

As you grow, it is not unlikely that your blog will develop into a brand. When this happens what you can do is start selling your own product. You can go from as simple as selling clothing like t-shirts and hats with your logo to selling niche specific products. All in all, for this you will have to setup your own e-store, which further means that you will have to think about your online payment systems. From this point on, things like payment integration, conversion rates and shopping cart abandonment will become your number one concerns.

Sponsored content

Another thing you could do is resort to posting sponsored content on your blog. Sure, some rant about this like it is the worst thing in the world, but in truth all that matters are the quality and relevance of the post and not whether it is sponsored or not. A good sponsored content is always better than a bad organic one and this is all there is to it. However, you must be extra careful not to become too greedy and start posting things that are irrelevant to your audience. Doing this will earn you the title of sellout in no time, which is probably the thing that can make your followers abandon you the fastest.


Acquiring sponsorship

Last, but in no way least important, there are always those people who would profit (or at least benefit) from your blog being up and running. All you need to do is find them and persuade them to sponsor you. This being said, what you need to do is compose a compelling argument why your potential sponsors need your blog to be operational. Now, depending how good your argument is they might make a one-time investment in your blog or pay regularly to ensure that your content keeps getting there in time.

As you can see, your options are almost limitless and all you need to do is find one (or few) that suits you the most. Making a living off your blog is quite easy if your blog is a quality one. In any trade in the world, the better you are at your job the more your work is worth and blogging is no exception.

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