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LiftIgniter Announces Personalized AI Machine Learned Email

Segun Balogun



SAN FRANCISCO, Dec. 06, 2017 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — LiftIgniter

LiftIgniter, the personalization API known for being the top of their class in Machine Learning Engine for websites and apps, announces the next in their product line, Personalized AI machine learned email.

Imagine being able to use your current email marketing platform to send out automatically personalized messages to your customers.  Using their API and machine learning engine to deliver recommendations, LiftIgniter is able to change which content is shown from one open to the next. Every user receives a fully personalized message – perfect for them at that very moment in time.

The company achieves 20 to 100-percent improvement in click through rates (while guaranteeing a minimum 20% improvement no matter what), engagement and conversion for clients — a significant increase from the 3 to 10-percent average.

LiftIgniter has major customers using its platform for real-time machine learned personalization – with billions of page views a month going through their system. Their goal: one personalization system for every user touchpoint. Why pay for separate systems when one personalization engine can provide a perfected user experience wherever you touch your users – from on-site, to app, to email and more.

Their co-founder Adam Spector stated: “This is a huge milestone for anyone who has dreamed of a fully automatic, intelligent messaging system. For the first time anywhere, a company can send out a unique message to each user that actually learns in real-time and changes what each subsequent user will see – all without human guidance,” he continued, “given that each user is different at every point in time, it’s critical to give them what they want now and only a fully automated machine learning system can do this at scale and with measurable results.”

LiftIgniter’s machine learning email system works with every Email Service Provider (ESP) and can be up and running in an afternoon.

LiftIgniter gained the recognition of Silicon Valley investors and received funding from: Storm Ventures, Revel Partners, Rincon Ventures, Khosla Ventures; SV Angel; YCombinator, and more.

The only company who delivers a constant, automated, real-time personalization engine specific to every user on any given site and app or email, for every piece of content from articles to videos in any language, globally, LiftIgniter now helps customers avoid static emails to increase engagement, revenue and decrease marketing spend.

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About LiftIgniter
LiftIgniter is a machine learning company based in San Francisco. Our team of top engineers produces dramatic improvements in click-through-rates (CTR), engagement and conversion for publishers, media, and e-commerce companies. Our technology enables us to review hundreds of millions of website and email features in real-time to determine the perfect piece of content to show each visitor at any point.

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