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Internet Security

IP Surveillance To Increase Security Of Nigerians Will Be Launched

Segun Balogun





ip surv

IP surveillance project is to be deployed in Nigeria and other African regions to address security challenges.

The project of IP surveillance was launched by Huawei, the ICT infrastructure manufacturers, together with Pan African ICT company CWG ? Computer Warehouse Group Plc.

This project is aimed to answer the security issues that face Nigeria and other African regions, as it was announced by Associate VP of CWG Plc, Adedayo Abegunde at the event Detect and Curb Physical Security Threat in Your Environement in Lagos.

This event was hosted for IT specialists, security professionals, stakeholders who were learning how IP surveillance could improve security for individuals as well as companies.

Mr. Abegunde explained the pros of new solutions offered.

Joseph Olayemi, the enterprise solution manager of Huawei showed a presentation ?Smart Technology, Enhance Security,? in which he explained all the features of IVS, Intelligence Video Surveillance, technology. He stated that the technology IP surveillance is a version of CCTV, a widely used closed-circuit television technology, only digitalized and networked. The new surveillance system is much more efficient according to him.

Video surveillance systems have evolved from analogue surveillance systems to digital surveillance and modern IP video surveillance.


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