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Introducing BlackBerry Assistant!

Segun Balogun



According to berry review BlackBerry OS 10.3, as well all know, is the next revision of the OS for BlackBerry 10 devices. Now, BlackBerry has finally taken the wraps off BlackBerry Assistant today, which basically allows you to use voice commands for just about everything you could want to do with your phone. This isn’t a leak, but a official showcase!
So what will it help us with? From hunting e-mails to sending calendar invites, checking your twitter and even, ahem, FaceBook BlackBerry Assistant will also let you type, when you just cant talk.
The preview, brought to us by Donny Halliwell from BlackBerry, highlights its accuracy and ability in just completing tasks.


What do you guys think?

I think they need to get it out RIGHT NOW, before someone copies it all, in whole…
via Inside BlackBerry


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