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Instagram Rapture” deletes millions of accounts in One Night

Segun Balogun



instagram rapture

Instagram have begun to delete accounts on the service that they believe are posting spam. They announced their plans to clean up the social media service about a week ago after beating Twitter with 300 million active users.
Next time you log into Instagram, you may notice your follower numbers have taken a hit.
Instagram is clamping down on fake or bot , inactive and spam accounts by completely removing them from the service.
The Facebook-owned app announced the plans earlier this year, and began purging the unwanted accounts last night..
The web developer Zach Allia created an infographic outlining the damage to Instagram’s 100 most popular accounts, and celebrities have clearly been hit hardest.
The Instagram’s spam purge reveals high-profile accounts with fake followers. Justin Bieber’s Instagram fan base plummeted by 3.5 million fans in the past 24 hours. Akon’s follower count dropped to 1.9 million from 4.3 million.

Instagram Rapture" deletes millions of  accounts in One Night

Rapper Akon lost more than half his followers in what has been dubbed the “Instagram rapture”

The funniest part is that , Rapper Mase dropped to 100,000 followers from 1.6 million in a matter of 20 minutes. he believe he had just lost so many followers he decided to delete his account entirely.

Instagram Rapture" deletes millions of  accounts in One Night



Instagram Rapture" deletes millions of  accounts in One Night

Instagram’s own account lost the most followers, probably at least in part because of all the people who angrily unfollowed in protest, according to the Verge. And we don’t know who chiragchirag78 is—that account no longer exists and lost 99.9% of its followers. But most of the others on the top 20 chart are celebrities.

Instagram Rapture" deletes millions of  accounts in One NightJustin Bieber and the Kardashians are among the biggest losers of the Instagram Rapture..

Josh “The Fat Jew” Ostrovsky, a popular Instagrammer with 2.2 million followers, describe this bloodbath hilarious. “This should be a national holiday,” he added. “We all know who bought followers, so today just corroborated everyone’s suspicions. So many people losing their followers, watching their digital worlds crumble. Today is so fun.”
Ben Baller, a jeweler to the stars, has also been relishing in the #InstagramRapture. He’s been calling users out publicly on Twitter, where he has nearly 500,000 followers.
Businesss insider also re[port that , Not everyone shares his enthusiasm.
Thousands of people have been flooding the comments on Instagram’s official account begging the service to reinstate their previous follower numbers.
My advice for everyone one is to build your followers and shun any form of fake followers or bot..
I think this is a good move by instagram , and i hope twitter also do something like this , let join hands together to keep the social media clean.

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