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How to Inexpensively and Efficiently Boost Productivity



You run your business because you want to earn money, there’s no doubt about that. Like everyone, you want to find a quick and easy way to boost the productivity of your employees and to make even more money. There’s no shame in that.

There’s one thing that you should know. When your employees sit down to work, they want to feel comfortable and to be in the environment that positively affects their body. Their workspace needs to be optimal for their workflow, creativity, and of course, health. Only a happy worker is a productive worker.

That’s exactly why you should do everything in your power to make your employees feel comfortable in their offices, and fortunately, you won’t have to break the bank in doing so.


Colors influence our moods and colors shape how we feel. According to a study, they can affect our behaviors and emotions.

  • Yellow color usually makes a positive impact on creativity, clarity, and even alertness.
  • Pink makes irritation and aggression go away.
  • Green color promotes efficiency.
  • Orange boosts everyone’s self-esteem.
  • Blue makes everyone feel calm and collected.

As you can see, these are all colors that you can use in your offices. Pick the perfect color for what you want to achieve, or paint the walls in different rooms with different colors and let your employees choose the one that suits them.

Bring nature into your officeBring nature into your office

Most people simply feel comfortable when they’re surrounded by nature, and that comes as no surprise. After all, the human race has evolved and lived surrounded by plants, water, and animals. You cannot make a forest in your office, but you can do the next best thing.

You can put some cubicle-friendly plants in there. A simple house plant will reduce fatigue and make your workers more productive just by being there.

The next thing you should do is to avoid using plastic in the office. Use wood, cork, or bamboo. Furniture made of wood will re-energize everyone and brighten up the room.

Light it upLight it up

Dim lights are your worst enemy. They kill productivity. Dim lights cause headaches and eye strain and can also result in lack of focus.

Harsh and very bright lights are also not a good idea. Too much bright light and your workers will feel like they’re staring into the Sun.

Natural lighting is something you need, but that’s not always possible. Some buildings simply do not have enough windows or their position doesn’t allow a lot of light to come in.

So, what can you do in that case? Some companies choose to install custom lights. They imitate natural lighting almost perfectly, they’re not really that expensive, and they even look chic.

If your employees are able to work without straining their eyes and without having to worry about headaches caused by dim or harsh lighting, they’ll spend much more time in the office, and they’ll rarely avoid coming there.


Working in areas which are too hot or too cold can affect productivity in numerous ways. People get fatigued more in spaces where temperature is not regulated. Our bodies love constant and cool temperatures, so always adjust your thermostat first thing in the morning.

Boost your employees’ performance and keep their energy levels up by making them feel great in the office.


By doing small but significant things for your workers, you’ll boost their productivity incredibly. Provide them with the office they’ll love to work in, and they’ll always be happy. Sure, give them a small year-end bonus or a gift from time to time, but never forget that they need to feel comfortable in the office or they’ll start avoiding it.

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