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How to Choose the Best Platform for Your Blog



Despite what many people think, blogging is not the thing of the future, but the thing of the present. With so many different sources all over the world and a huge variety of topics that are covered, keeping up with the world of blogs has become quite a challenge. However, creating them is no easy tasks either, especially if you are a beginner. When starting a blog, it is important to know how to choose the best platform for your content, so, here are some of the options and a few tips that might help you come up with the best solution.


This is obviously the most famous blogging platform out there – and it seems that everybody is using it, from big corporations to small online businesses. The reasons for this are simple: is free, it hosts your content on their own servers – does in on an external one – and is really easy to use. It does not, however, support overly complicated customizations, but does allow you to use various themes.

WordPress is ideal for blogs that cover diverse topics – from a male-oriented IDKMen to a huge number of those that talk about women fashion, make-up tips and hair styles – which is why it is used more than all other blogging platforms.



Another free idea that allows you full control over your blog is Blogger – this is the Facebook of the blogosphere. You can set it up in a matter of minutes, get your unique URL – – add a color pattern and a theme, and you are good to go. There are lots of additions you can introduce as well and, depending on your HTML programming skills, your blog can be more or less advanced and sophisticated.

The reason many people love Blogger is because it is easy to read and edit. This is especially helpful for young writers interested in developing their writing skills. On a Blogger blog, they can display their work to the public, get comments and critiques and build an online community of readers.


Even though it is often considered to be a social media platform, Tumblr is actually a blogging platform that will allow you to connect to your favorite blogs and bloggers more easily. In addition to that, it is visually appealing and perfect for the young generation and micro-bloggers striving towards a successful career in blogging.

Since it works on the level of pictures and gifs more than words, Tumblr is quite suitable for TV and movie fans that post pictures of their favorite celebrities and express their opinion on their work. However, it is popular with literature lovers, too, so you can find a good selection of blogs that promote reading as a pastime activity and post inspirational quotes.


Other Ideas

Besides these, you can opt for other platforms as well – TypePad, WIX, Movable, Medium, Weebly, etc. Most of these are free of charge, but not all are appropriate for all topics and texts, so you should explore them all before settling on one.

Of course, when choosing the right blogging platform for your needs, you should also think about what your brand is and what you want it to say. Some platforms are more suited for different types of brands, especially if you wish to make money with your blog. Experts from a brand agency from Melbourne advise that you keep this in mind too when choosing the platform for your new blog.

Dan Radak is Hosting security specialist. Currently employed as a consultant in couple of Web Hosting companies. Lately, he has been interested in web design. You can reach him on Twitter.

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Blogging Tips

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Blogging Tips




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