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How organic web traffic can stunt business growth- By Adegboye Adeniyi

Segun Balogun



How organic web traffic can stunt business growth-

Adegboye-Adeniyi-techcribngI am a great believer in email marketing. I have in the past written about the dos and don’ts of email marketing and believe that every forward-looking business should start mastering email marketing to grow their business.

But at the core, as a Search Engine Optimisation enthusiast I want to share with you how much effect organic traffic can have on a business growth.

To help us understand this effect we will take a look at two recent case studies and the impact of organic search on their business, then discuss how you can build your own ranking and what to avoid.

Case study of eBay

Earlier in the month eBay, while discussing its report for Q2, said it was expecting a reduction in earning over $200m due in part to a significant seven per cent drop in GMV (growth merchandise volume).

This drop is believed to be associated with a change in ranking or what is called a drop in ranking suffered earlier in the month of May.

Case study of French Blogger

Have you ever suffered from a negative review lately? French blogger Doudet recently wrote a review of her experience in a restaurant. Somehow her review ended up on the first page of Google.

The effect was so bad that the owner of the restaurant has to get a court order to force the blogger to take down the review because the review was negatively affecting their business.

These two case studies show the impact online traffic can have on a business. If you need to promote your business online, then you need to start actively engaging in using the power of the web to get more people to your website.

Let’s take a look at an example to illustrate this. If you do a keyword research for “online shopping”, you will discover that over 1,300 people actively searched for this keyword on a monthly basis over the last 12 months. If you combine this with other variations of the keyword, you will begin to see how many isitors will visit your site on a monthly basis.

Imagine a website at position number four on the first page. You can expect a minimum of 10 per cent of that traffic to your website – all other factors being considered”.

That is how huge the impact of organic traffic is and why people will use all sorts of techniques to increase their ranking because in theory, the higher your ranking, the more your traffic.

Four things that can positively affect your traffic

Having understood the impact organic traffic can have let us take a brief look at certain factors that can positively affect your traffic.

  • Build for your visitors

  • One major mistake businesses make when designing a website is to build based on the latest technique or style. At every particular point you need to remember that your visitors are the reasons why you created your website in the first place. You want them to find you. You want them to be able to access your website on any devices (mobile responsive) and at the have a great experience while doing so (low bounce rate).
  • Optimise your website or go nowhere

  • Even if you have the most beautiful website or the largest market, if you do not pay attention to your organic traffic by implementing standard practices and living according to the rules, your business might take a hard hit. This is because Google spider does not understand any other language. All it understands is user intent based on keyword, meta description and HTML tags. Therefore, you need to build not for your visitors but also for Google bots.
  • Be social

  • Learn to build a quality social media follower. If you don’t know how to do it, pay someone to build your social media profile. While social media do not affect directly affect ranking in such a way that we want yet, the amount of traffic you can drive to your website when you correctly use social media is often worth the price. Remember, these platforms are here to stay. Your potential customers are on it. Use it to your advantage.
  • Build relationships to get links

  • One way to increase your organic traffic is to increase your Google ranking. The higher your website is ranked the more traffic it gets. Unfortunately webmasters give links, not website. If you do not cultivate these relationships earlier in the day, when the time comes to get a link, you might find it extremely difficult and time-consuming. Links are the liif-blood of higher ranking and links will not disappear anytime soon. If you need to get links, then start building relationships with other webmaster, bloggers in your fields and even journalists. At the end of the day, these are people who will write about you and link from their website to yours.

source : punch

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  1. Sunday

    August 8, 2014 at 2:03 pm

    Organic traffic can have a positive and negative effect on a business. However, it is important that the business owner never gets to rely on the search engines for organic traffic. Building a valuable business and making engaging promotion are good steps to follow.

    The four things that can positively affect traffic as shared in this post are in order. However, the one point that every online marketer must never ignore is building value for the visitors!

    This post “kingged” or upvoted in where it was shared for bloggers,social marketers,and online marketers.

  2. Emmanuel

    August 8, 2014 at 3:06 pm

    Hello Adeniyi,

    I obviously heard of the French case. This shows how powerful the online world is. To the extent a simple review affected restaurant which operated offline that much.

    When it comes to building a reputable site online, the power of relationship can be under mined. One is as rich as his network.

    PS: I found this shared on

  3. Don Purdum

    August 8, 2014 at 7:16 pm

    Hi Segun,

    Great point about the power of SEO on both the positive and negative side of it. Your illustration was well taken.

    I’ve come around the side of seo after being in the industry for ten years and decided that I’m going to focus on relationships with influencers that serve the same audience I do in a different way.

    Yes, the site is optimized, but it’s young so I cannot depend on Google. I have to do the work of establishing the relationships, building my community, and then Google will follow.

    Great post! I appreciate your perspective.

    ~ Don Purdum

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And the benefits?

Networking opportunities for bloggers and SM managers in West Africa.
Learning opportunities.
Access to new digital tools.
Knowledge sharing.
Expose revenue opportunities to bloggers and SM managers in West Africa.
Expose digital trends.
Discuss creative solutions in digital publishing.
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5 Tips to become a successful blogger

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Blogging is the act of posting content on a blog (a Web log or online journal) or posting comments on someone else’s blog.
Blogging is very popular today because it allows people to interact with each other. Blogging has also become a popular search engine optimization (SEO) tool because search engines like Google and Yahoo know that a blog is frequently updated with content or visitor comments, so their spiders visit blogs frequently looking for new content to include in their index.

Let’s get one thing out of the way

Blogging is difficult and if you want to get the kind of traffic and exposure you really want then you need to stay within a niche in which you are very good at. It really does not have to be something you have been doing for ever, it only needs to be something you love doing. Simply put, write about your passion.

Having said that, Akeem Baiyewu an editor of punch explained that you don’t really  need to be an expert in a particular niche before you begin to sound and look-like an expert in that field. This article is for would-be bloggers who need to write great content about a niche they really do not know much about.

Do you know it is easy to be an authority in a particular niche? All you need is the dedication and ample time to do your research and our old good friend, the Internet. If you have a lot of time, you could go learn about the niche you want to write about. That could take anything from over 52 weeks or more but if you are on a deadline, here are some simple tips that can help you write about any niche. You can also use it to improve your writing in your present niche.

5 Tips to become a successful blogger

Do your homework

One of the easiest ways to write about any topic is to learn all you can about it. Let’s take an example. I want to write about surgical procedures. The first point to consider is to fire up my browser and type the word “surgery” into my browser. What I want to achieve at this point is to know all I can about surgery and to get a feel of how other people have written about the topic. You can also do this if you can lay your hands on publications or magazines that discuss the topic. What you will be looking for at this point apart from learning the rudiment is to note down links to researches, quotes, expert names and sources that were mentioned and anything else that can be of interest. Most especially you want to know what interest people about the topic.

Talk to experts

After following step 1, you are now in a better position from where you started. You now have a better understanding of the industry and issues that people love to talk about. In the process of your research, you might have come across an expert who had discussed any issue pertaining to the topic you are interested in. This is possible if you have followed the links you came across earlier in your research. Now is the time to take it a notch further. Interviewing two or three experts will give you a better insight into the topic and you might even stumble upon facts or figures that have not been previously discussed. You can even ask them for a quote or reference. If the expert is not in your country, you can research their contact details or simply shoot them a tweet online. People really don’t want unnecessary interruption so you have to be as authentic as possible.

Follow your leads

By this point you should have plenty of leads, quotes, figures and fact. Once you have been able to cross check all facts and stats, you can begin to write your first draft. The idea of this draft is to see if you have been able to piece together a puzzle which you do not understand.

After writing this first draft, you want to see if your article needs improvement. There are no set rules or procedures for writing your draft but it is important to state that it is usually a good idea to leave your first draft for at least 24 hours before coming back to it. Once you come back to it, you want to read it again and see how it turns out by putting all the pieces together.

Once you do this, you need to see if there are no glaring omissions. When writing a great piece, you need to be as specific as possible!

When you feel confident you can write with authority, it’s time to do just that.

Putting it all together

This is where you put everything you have been writing together. At this point, you will be dotting the ‘I’s and crossing the ‘t’s.


Writing about any topic can be fun if you are ready to put in the leg work required. Try this technique and let me know how well it worked for you in the comment section

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