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How organic web traffic can stunt business growth- By Adegboye Adeniyi (2)

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How organic web traffic can stunt business growth-

How organic web traffic can stunt business growth Last week I discussed on this platform four things you should start doing in order to increase your web ranking and therefore your traffic. Before we go into things you probably stop doing right now if you want to increase your ranking and get more traffic, I need to state again that no matter what you do, the building block of any successful ranking starts with a proper on-page optimisation.

On-page Optimisation or what is really known as search engine optimisation is the only way to get search engines spiders to crawl your website and understand it.

So let’s talk about four things you might be doing that can affect your ranking and traffic without you really knowing it.

A mindset of getting links at all cost

Links are an essential part of search engine optimisation and the best way to increase your ranking is too acquire more links. Links that help your ranking are those that can send you referral traffic and are do-follow links. This is one of the reasons Google does everything hard to make sure that it penalises websites that try to manipulate their ranking by buying links. So the links you should seek should always be relevant links that are do-follow and will send you referral traffic. These days I am beginning to see bloggers with the mentality of link to me and I link to you in the aim of increasing their ranking. Massive reciprocal linking is an act that can get your website penalised.

Lack of good social media presence:

Social media do not directly affect ranking but remember that social media is a great way to drive traffic to your website. If the overall aim of links and ranking is to increase your organic traffic, then establishing your brand on social media is a good way to start. As people discover your brand on any of the social media platform, they will in turn visit your website, refer your brand and ultimately link to it on their blogs. Remember the French blogger case we discussed in the first series of this article last week. Yes. You need to build quality followers if you want your brand to gain fast traction. Social media may not directly affect ranking but it is a part of the equation.

Lack of good content:

One of the major disasters of ranking and traffic is when people attempt to increase or rank a website that has lean or poor content. As the search world becoming increasingly content-centric, website that ranks over others will be websites that have quality pages amongst other factors on their website. Quality pages are pages that contain information that are useful to the web visitors. One way to address this problem as most of the essential pages on your website that you want to rank will be stalled at one point or the other is to start a business blog. As you begin to blog, you have the added advantage of making your website more discoverable if you follow best practices.

Absence of a standard website:

Why did I bring this down here? Should it not be the first thing I should have mentioned? While if not for anything, I want this last point to stick in your mind as this series is rather a long one. As you either start building your website or re-designing it. A standard website is where it all begins and I am not talking about spending thousands on a good design. No. What we are focusing here are things that will hurt your website as you design the pages. First is focusing on the use of excessive heavy graphic, images or videos. When your website is too heavy, it indirectly affects your site load time. This therefore means that people with lower internet connection will find it hard to access your website. If you live in this our environment you already know that the broadband quality is low. So why punish your web visitors more.

The second take home point from this factor is the use of frames or other practices like excessive scripting that make your home content appear lean.

If you have all the contents in the whole world but hide them inside a frame, the search engines will find it difficult to read your content. This means your website becomes “lean” to them which translate to lack of content. Lack of content means your website will be pushed further down the ranking table to give way to website that have “more” contents.


We have seen practices that we need to engage in to increase our ranking. If you put in mind that the ultimate aim at all times is to delight your visitor, a lot of these problems are half solved.



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