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Hot Home Theater Trends



Hot Home Theater Trends

Home theatres are still one the most desired additions to any home. However, it’s getting increasingly hard to define what a home theatre is. The technology is changing rapidly and now it includes streaming and recording devices as well as standard entertainment equipment. Some even include lighting, cooling, and even data security devices as the integral parts of a home theatre. Installing one is also becoming a challenging job for interior designers because more and more homes have an open floor plan and there isn’t a specific corner dedicated to home entertainment. Thanks to all this, home theatres have changed and become as elaborate as ever.

Multiple screens

Having multiple screens in the entertainment room is becoming the new norm. They can be arranged in several ways depending on the size of the room and the way you use it. Two TV screens on the same wall usually can be turned into one, so they can be used both individually for casual viewing and as one big screen for major screenings.  If the room is large enough, there’s also an option of installing TV screens on multiple walls for entertaining a larger group of guests.

Hot Home Theater TrendsRemote controls

Universal remote controls aren’t exactly a new technology, they have been around for years and they work pretty well as they are. The internet and smart devices have taken this to a whole new level, once seen only in works of science fiction. A universal remote could be programmed to work with all your home entertainment devices simply by pressing a button and downloading the necessary drivers. It could also be arranged for a single key to activate a series of tasks (for instance: start the movie, dim the lights and adjust the sound on a pre-approved volume level). Actually enjoying the movie is now completely hustle-free.

Video quality

Image quality continues to improve on a daily basis and it can be difficult to choose a TV that can be used for a while. Luckily, professionals such as those from Universal Home Theatre are more than happy to help you choose the right setup, based on your needs and preferences. So-called 4K TVs are the standard now. That means they have 8 million pixels instead of 2, which was the norm until recently.

Hot Home Theater TrendsSound systems

Sound systems are becoming more compact, easier to manage, and they are almost always wireless.  Sound bars are replacing traditional speakers because they excel in all of these categories with the sound quality remaining unchanged (or even improved). Choosing the bars also means less clutter and more flexibility. Each bar is about 35 inches long and it looks great with slick TVs and minimalistic design. However, it’ best to also have an individual subwoofer, which could be wireless as well.

Multi-use spaces

In the end, the biggest advantage of all the new tech gadgets is that they could serve a variety of different functions. That’s why home theatres tend to merge with other home entertainment facilities. There’s no reason not to use it as a game room as well because most of the game consoles use the same equipment, and the atmosphere in the room should remain basically the same. Also, a room with a great sound system could be used to entertain guests beyond just movie nights. This is something to have in mind when designing the room – everything should be flexible and easy to move around.

A perfect home theatre is the one suited to the needs of modern homeowners. It’s a mixture of slick and comfortable design and the latest features that modern technology has to offer to the viewer.

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