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7 Things everyone hates about WhatsApp

Segun Balogun



WhatsApp Messenger is a proprietary, cross-platform instant messaging subscription service for smartphones and selected feature phones that uses the Internet for communication. In addition to text messaging, users can send each other images, video, and audio media messages as well as their location using integrated mapping features.
Whatsapp is said to be the most widely used instant messaging application outside Asia and it’s interesting to note is the most widely used instant messaging you would swear it has no downsides, negatives or has atleast given users more freedom around security and privacy..
But you some people do overdo or don’t even know how to use it, especially when will talk about selfie and the rest.


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Adding friends

This is one the thing i dislike about whatsapp…i just don’t like it when everyone who has my numbers can automatically add me.i know most of you reading this now will disagree with me but I am simply saying there is nothing as irritating as the inability to determine who can connect with you and how. Whilst some people can argue that you have the option to block people, a lot of people I have blocked have either resurfaced on a new number which either embarrassed me because people I blocked asked me the question “Why did you block me” or I felt infringed further by the same people I am trying not to connect with forcing themselves into my life without my consent. Blocking all the time can be a daunting task. Imagine how a simple friend request would simplify things.

limit to the number of Group

whatsapp -group-techcribng

There would be a limit to the number of groups one can be a part of for the sheer sanity reasons. Groups like ‘can’t stand these cousins group’ ‘we were in college together group’ ‘old school group’ ‘daughter’s friends’ mothers’ group’ ‘son’s classmates’ mothers’ group’ ‘son’s hobby class’ mothers’ group’ ‘and ‘we’ll soon figure out what the hell you are doing in this group’ will have to show 10 messages every individual every week to renew their membership into the group.

Online Activity

Unlike im like 2go , and the rest , whatsapp don’t allow you to choose when I want to be visible and when I just need sometime to talk to that one person whether my friend , gf , or mother without having to chat with the whole world or give people that excuse I dread the most “Sorry I am busy now let’s talk later” It would be nice to have a feature that allows one to be invisible or away (Take a leaf from Skype already) . Some will even argue that there is a ” hide last seen activity” this feature is only useful if you not active on Whatsapp

Time stamp


Whatsapp “time-stamp” your last online status. This is the most annoying privacy-intrusive function! I have no idea why the developer wants to include such a feature. But it is a disturbing tool for stalkers to track one’s availability. You can disable the “time-stamp” function but the app will still reveal your online and offline status. Without you knowing, anyone can check if you are active or not. This function is stupid and should be disable permanently.

Don’t allow me to send a message when I am not connected to Internet


Why WhatsApp assumes, I should not write message when its not connected to internet? Why should I wait until I got Internet connection? I might want to write a message and post it, whenever my iPhone get connected to internet, it should send automatically. Its really annoying feature (read failure).

Automatic downloading of photos

WhatsApp application for iPhone downloads the photos and videos without any instruction and the worst part is it doesn’t have any option to set it. Some intelligent people argue that, there is an option in WhatsApp to turn off automatic savings of media to gallery, but wait… it only prevents photos to be saved in gallery, but still it continues to download automatically and stores into WhatsApp’s gallery, which you can access through contact’s “View all media” option.

Whatsapp: The merciless battery drainer

whatsapp battery-techcribngimage:

In country like Nigeria that power supply is absolutely zero, You don’t check your phone much. And your phone shouts “Please connect your charger” about 3 times a day along with some 500 whatsapps :/


I know you may disagree with 7 reasons above. it is true that life just feels incomplete without WhatsApp!!!… Any suggestion , comment , or the reason why you also hate whatsapp.. please let us know by using our comment box.

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