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Handling Increased Workload – Reorganization vs. Outsourcing vs. Hiring



A business can be led in so many different ways that it’s extremely difficult to establish some general rules that will work for all niches. Still, some aspects of work remain the same in every field of work. One of such features is the essential dilemma whether a business should hire new employees or distribute their extra tasks to another enterprise, i.e. outsource them. You will be presented with the most vital benefits of both schools, so that you can decide for yourself what meets your needs.

Better organization, the same workforce

Let’s try to resolve this dilemma with an option that isn’t one of its elements – retaining the same workforce, but applying more efficient organizational features. For instance, if you run a small auto repair shop and it’s filled to capacity, it would be counterproductive to send those customers to your rival’s garage. On the other hand, hiring more workers will be too expensive. What you can do instead is rearrange the existing workforce. You should hold a meeting and allow them to express their ideas about the new work organization. While your employees might work a bit more, you will be able to give them raises from the income generated by those new customers. That way, you will manage to deal with all the customers on time and keep your employees happy.

New employees, new worries

If you’re lucky enough to nurture a growing business, sooner or later your workload will require hiring additional staff. While new employees can represent a breath of fresh air for a stalling business, more often than not, they come as an additional burden. However, this is only so until they get used to your specific work methods and work demands.

Moreover, if you want to inspire the newly employed staff members to give their best to your company, it’s advisable not to offer them a full-time contract immediately. When they’re hired as temporary employees, they will try hard to perform their tasks in the best way possible, to gain your trust and become full-time employees.

Strategic outsourcing

When your tasks don’t require on-site workers, the most cost-efficient option for a business owner is to use the joys of outsourcing. However, this strategy can take different directions and not all have a happy ending. Its outcome will depend on a number of features.

Firstly, it’s essential to find a reliable mediating platform that will guarantee your outsourcing companions aren’t some irresponsible buffoons.

Secondly, always ask them to provide you with their credentials and portfolio(s). Beginners are a viable option, due to lower rates, but they need to provide you with a sample of their work beforehand.

Thirdly, your associates should offer you reasonable rates, so that hiring them pays off in the long-term. Therefore, you’ll have to negotiate the conditions of your collaboration or have the Crystel outsourcing pundits do that on your behalf.

If not done properly, forwarding your work tasks to other businesses might not be too successful, which is why you should heed these tips.


Mind the in-house ambience

According to a paper published by Oregon State University, one of the key roles a business owner has is incorporating their new employees in their business. If your new staff members aren’t accepted by your old employees, it will endanger the success of your professional efforts. This is where your HR-experts have to do their share of job meticulously. Firstly, they should interview your employees and team leaders, so as to find out which team would accept new workers fastest. Secondly, the new employees should also be talked to, in order to learn what they expect from their new teams.

Similarly, outsourcing some of your projects must be discussed with your employees that could be engaged for such projects. If they insist that they work on those tasks, give them a chance to prove they can do it. It will strengthen the in-house morale and improve the feeling of belonging to your business.

Although reorganizing your business task distribution might temporarily resolve some productivity issues, long-term goals will demand either hiring or outsourcing. The nature of your projects will determine what path to take, but make sure that you play those moves wisely, to keep all the interested parties satisfied with your decisions.

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