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How To Get Unlimited Coins And Gems In Temple Run 2

Segun Balogun




Today I’m gonna share you this cool trick about how to tweak Temple Run2 and get unlimited coins and gems. This trick is very simple! You just need to follow some easy steps which I’m going to explain below and also some tips and tricks of the game.


temple run-techcribng


How to Install Temple Run 2 Hack For installing this hack you need to follow the following steps:

1: Download Android Zipor xplorer into your Android Phone from google play store

2: Download the Temple Run2 data onto your Android.

3: Use the Xplorer or AndroZip to UnZip the file by extracting it.

files. Move the gamedata.txt to the Temple Run 2 folder (i.e android/data/)

4: Launch your Temple Run 2and the file should be tweaked.

Here we go enjoy all the coins and gems..!

Note : you can tweak at your own risk..! And only for Android.

Temple Run Tips:

– Spread out your view of what is ahead so you will be prepared for oncoming obstacles

– As you are in the air, lean towards the side you can run on and you will land there.

And Jump right after you see cliff hangers. – you will increase your level and multiplier but when you Always complete objectives.

– During double obstacles, wait until the last second to jump, and if done correctly you will clear both obstacles.

– Keep the cart tilted to the right direction, if you want a higher success rate.

– In the underground cart portions of the game, Ignore powerups that are close to the edge, they aren’t worth it and your final score will thank you for it.

– You’re able to immediately jump while you’re sliding. Utilize jump and slide combos.

– Also can lean around the red tiles.

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