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Germany wants more of its officials using encrypted BlackBerry 10 smartphones

Segun Balogun



Germany gives thumbs-up to BlackBerry's acquisition of Secusmart


Germany has been moving rapidly towards BlackBerry 10 devices due to the NSA revelations in the last year or so. BlackBerry even pushed out OS 10.2 just to get Secusmart phone call encryption software support on BlackBerry 10 with thousands of devices ordered. Sadly they have not revealed the number of devices they have deployed but that has not stopped Germany from continuing to shower them with praises.

Tobias Plate, Germany’s Federal Ministry of the Interior spokesperson, stated that “Only BlackBerry smartphones comply with the ministry’s security standards for use with Secusmart’s technology” and that ““We have a federal authority for information security and they checked several smartphones, and the only brand that was approved by them is the BlackBerry smartphones… It’s the security of the device,”Talk about statements that BlackBerry should be screaming from the rooftops!!!

I hope John Chen the Ceo of Blackberry does just that tomorrow at the Security Summit in NYC..

source : berry review

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