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Use Your Phone To Fry Your Food And Control It With This Simple App

Segun Balogun



I remember back then in secondary school days that technology is the application of scientific knowledge to solve practical problem..

Meanwhile , A team of former MIT engineers in California has created a App-controlled smartpan called Pantelligent which ensures you’ll never burn your food again.

Use Your Phone To Fry Your Food And Control It With This Simple App
The smart frying pan syncs up with phones to make cooking easier. It has a temperature sensor and wireless connectivity to send instructions and reminders to your smartphone or smartwatch.This smart frying pan helps you to cook by telling you what to do and when has been released.It syncs up with your smartphone or smart-watch to give you alerts and reminders as to when you need to perform a task.

Jonathan O’Callaghan AN EDITOR for MailOnline Explained how to cook WITH the PANTELLIGENT

First, you’ll need to open the app and choose what you want to cook.

It will then give you steps to follow to get in the ingredients prepared.

The app will tell you how hot the pan is, and how hot it should be for the meal you have selected.

A graph with a red line (actual temperature) and target temperature (green line) helps you keep it at the right level.

Technology in the handle connects to your smartphone, and it will send you a reminder when you either need to do something with the food, or when it is done.

This app is really smart  But the funniest part is that The team behind the project, four former Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) engineers from California, is currently seeking funding on Kickstarter.

The team behind this great app boasted that anyone can cook delicious meals perfectly,’

The secret ingredient behind this  is temperature control.’

It operates just like a regular pan on a hob but has some technology hidden safely inside. 

In the middle of the frying pan is a temperature sensor that communicates with an iOS app.

This gives you constant reminders as your food cooks, telling you what to do and when to do it.

Most of the methodology revolves around time and temperature; by knowing the temperature of the pan, the technology knows how long food needs to cook for.

Before you start cooking it asks for specifics about the food you intend to cook – such as the thickness of salmon – so it knows exactly how long to cook it for.

This helps it keep track of the temperature and time required.

And it will tell you when to flip or move your food so that it cooks evenly.

Using an app for your phone it will display a graph showing you the temperature of the pan.

And when it is time for you to do something, or the food has finished cooking, it will send you a notification.

The pan is non-stick while the handle, containing the technology that syncs with your chosen device, is made of commercial-grade thermoset plastic resin, the same material used for high-quality frying pan handles.

‘Pantelligent helps you cook anything you can cook with a regular frying pan, only smarter, and perfect every time,’ the team adds.

There are dozens of recipes available in the app at the moment but there are apparently more on the way.

The £159 ($249) device is due to begin shipping in August next year.

Use Your Phone To Fry Your Food And Control It With This Simple App

Now T o You

It is really nice to see that App-controlled smart pan ensures we will never  burn our food again , So what do you think about this , any comment , suggestion feel free by using our comment box

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