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Web Design

Factors That Make Your Website Stand Out



The Internet has us all connected, but it also has us competing for the top-spot on the web browsers. No matter if you run a bigger or a smaller-sized company, every CEO should know how to use his tools to create and manage original, interesting and useful content and to monitor the results and rankings. This is crucial if you are to further develop and adapt your business strategy. Naturally, everyone wants to succeed, but success requires taking the right methodical steps towards achieving your goals, so take into consideration these factors that can make everything run more smoothly…



Both users and search engines should be able to reach all of your pages and content which you have placed out there on the Web. However, mistakes like duplicate content, missing title tags, lack of material on the page, etc; can pretty much harm your SEO. Nobody likes to encounter errors labeled with digits like 404s, 500, 302s instead of 301s and the like. You must learn how to optimize your page for SEO to work properly! Of course, there are applications which can be quite helpful, such as Google Webmaster Tools, which is free like all the other useful apps, and SEOmoz Crawls through the SEOmoz Pro Web App, which is particularly handy when you are starting a new site. Feel free to check them out for more details, you won’t regret it!

Keyword targeting

It’s fairly simply, really, you have to choose the right keywords that will have a good search volume. This is called targeting, so you have to think ahead – Are some users actually searching for my keywords? Don’t aim too high, though, at least not at the very beginning, just make sure it complies with the website you own and build. It’s better to focus on something that is relevant to your material in order to pull in searches you care about, rather than just shoot blindly with keywords until you hopefully hit something (or nothing).


Quality of content

Yes, a lot of it depends on the nature of your business, but it all boils down to having excellent content, nevertheless. When users come to your page they’ll expect more detail here and there, videos, images, graphics to visually clarify things, data sets and other references and sources of information. Writing blocks of text won’t do you justice. According to guys from OMG SEO company, information needs to be remolded into forms which are both easily shared and viewed, demanding and increasing focus on visual aspect of content. Bottom line, it has to be descriptive, useful and even entertaining, because that makes a dull and confused user into a happy and loyal one. It’s simply paramount to get that high level of enjoyment and satisfaction from people if you want your website to stand out, plus search engines have sophisticated and complex algorithms which are now looking for value. It’s no longer about quantity but quality, if you want to reach the top online.

Website design

Well, unless you have a pro designer or are one yourself, you’ll either have to hire someone, or keep everything simple and basic, but user friendly. Remember to survey your current as well as potential customers/followers, ask them about their opinions and how should you improve your website. Focus on the esthetics, usability and content attraction, otherwise there is no point in ranking to begin with. There are a few tools you can use on the Web to test the usability user experience of the site – Five Second Test, Feedback Army, Silverback App, etc.

Social Media

Finally, social media is the perfect tool for communicating with wider audiences, because liking, sharing and commenting can easily put you out there in the hub of all things. If you don’t have accounts set up, you practically don’t exist on the web. Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+, Tumblr, Instagram, you name it! Everybody is familiar with the advantages of social media, millions of people are online every day, this is where everything happens nowadays. Make sure the account experience is the same across them, using the same photos, same branding, same description, so people get a good sense when they see you in the social world. Also, build your links, invite guests to create content, open forums and focus on marketing, let people talk about you and your product/services.

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